Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 9- #90daysofblogging

This will be uber quick!  A little while back my friend Vicki Ann aka Sandy Beach and I did a Google Hangout and we created Journals based on JenniBellie Journal Workshop.  I love Jenniebellie she is a very creative young lady.. seems like she has a wonderful spirit.  Anyway back to the journal.  I had never created a journal such as this.. well completed one I should say.   I had nevr gotten pass the decoupage paper bits to the base paper of the journal.  Let me show you the journal I created with her inspired by Jennibellie.

Wee took a sheet of paper and decoupaged paper bits.. then added some gesso, stampage, paints and stencils.  Later we folded it.. like a Zine.  I added stamped images instead of drawing.  I also did some doodling on the pages.. Decided to embellish  the front with a wooden star that I painted with a DECO Arts Snow effect product. I stamped the word embrace and framed it.  Lastly I took some twine and I strung some handmade paper beads to the spine of the book for coolness factor.

I really like it.. and I hope to make more soon.. really soon,,,

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  1. definitely fun playing with paper and seeing what comes out of it all.. thanks for sharing... Am enjoying the outcome of the continual blogs and although don't comment on all am enjoying following you all.

  2. Great journal!!! Love the paper beads you added also. I think I know someone that needs a MUCH needed nap LOL HUGS!

  3. I can't think of anything better than a Google handout with some friends while you create. I've wanted to make my own art journal for some time now....have just never gotten around to trying it!! Beautiful journal by the way! ;o)

  4. This was such fun to do on google hangout. I enjoyed the face that we are opposite parts of the world but could still do art together on our desks. Still amazes me that we are able to do that..