Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 23- #90daysofblogging

Not sure I feel the need to always have a picture with my blog posts besides the fact that it's easier to share and more likely to be seen, even if 95% of you don't comment. :)  I appreciate your visits.

With that being said...

Here is a picture of some file folders that I painted over.  I was playing around with few stencils that were close by and some Dylusions paint.  I do notice that when you use the dylusions paints on  a untreated surface (no gesso) and blend with a baby wipe..   The the color is softer but does not spread as much unless you have mega paint down.  If you use the paints with gesso the colors moves more and it's more intense.  I like using less so I can keep the paint's longer.

To be honest..
The colors of the Dylusions paints are awesome.. but I was excited for a long time.  It took three and a half months to get 9 of the 10 paints I ordered. There are 12 in total. The thrill is gone.  Outside of them being the colors I love and need them to be.. they are JUST PAINT.  They don't do anything special.. :)  I probably will NOT repalce more three or four colors of them when they are gone.

I use some the Andy Skinner Stencils and Americana ones from of Deco Art Stencils and a The Crafters Workshop one on these... 

Thanks for stopping by.. 

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  1. Now you tell me.....AFTER I order all of them!! LOL Oh well, won't be the first time I have purchased something I am not happy with. Love what you did with them tho, just have fun playing with them.