Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 1 of #90daysofblogging

Hey folks...  To day is MAY 1st!

I am trying hard to step up my blog game!  Yep ::insert vintage picture of woman with mighty fist here::  Trying to create more and post about it!  It's easy to create!  It's hard for me to document it and tell folks about it, when it isn't required. I have never considered myself a reader, let a lone a writer.

I welcome this challenge and I excited for my friends who have decided to take this journey with me, for whatever their reasons are :).  Will try to link their blogs below, in case anyone is reading this and decides to also check them out. :)

Now on to today's post.  I will try to talk about things I have done, products I have used and works in progress.  So keep a head's up!  You never know with me.

Tonight is the night before my Sin City Stamps posts is due. I am playing around with my stencils I got in my design team package and I like them a lot.  A reason why is they are thinly made, but not so fragile, they aren't flexible.  They are not super expensive and I appreciate how easily the slide between the pages of journals or on my gelli plate and made very detailed markings with every use.

 I used my one of my stencils with some Faber Castell Glass Bead Glitter Gel (that I won from attending a ustream class)!!  I LOVE FABER CASTELL PRODUCTS!!! Now anyone who knows me, knows I love Bling and GLITTER, even more than I love shimmer. It's a HELL to clean up, but not in this product.  I took my DecoArt Media Acrylic Mister in Purple and colored the glitter beads.  Used it with my spatula through a stencil on my up and coming journal page.  The gel although white, dries clear or whatever color you changed it to. with large specks of glitter that don't come off!!  How freaking cool is that!?!  BTW, I love my DecoArt Media Misters in EVERY COLOR and while I am not a super clean crafter, I have not been prevented from using my misters due to clogged nozzles.  They clean with a few dips in water.  Easy Peasy!!

I had things to do (blog posts to write and I wanted to let my page naturally dry) so I slipped the stencil in a zip lock with DecoArt Media Brush and Stencil Cleaner which is my FAVE!!  That stuff is the BIZNESS!!  It allows me want to take care of my brushes and mister/spray nozzles and stencils better and almost effortlessly.  You can use it straight or a little diluted and you will know the difference every time.

Ok.. I have blogged wayyy longer then I intended.. and that's ok.. Just don't expect it every time! ::big chuckle:: Thank you for following me and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Oh BTW..
Other Friends on the challenge are

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If we have inspired you to take the challenge I would love to add you to our bunch. #90daysofblogging


  1. Good for you Meko!!! I really should jump on this with you ladies. Did it start on the 30th or does it matter when you start. I love all you do so I'm looking forward to this!! I may not always comment, but I always read!!

    1. We actually started today May 1st.. :) Come on.. join us!!

  2. Oh we go LOL great post by the way Meko! :)

  3. Great blog. I am joining this for sure.

  4. And away we go...and you know I think you have a wonderful way with words, you SHOULD be a writer...especially a writer of art supplies reviews!!

  5. Woohoo day 1 accomplished well done.. Yes I love the DecoArt brush and stencil cleaner too.. It actually makes me take care of my brushes now, no more leaving them in water for me.. Love that spotty stencil and the misters are such fun..

  6. First of all... why the heck have I never thought of slipping my stencils in a ziplock bag with brush and stencil cleaner???????? Duh, me! Though I would love to step up my blogging to more regular posts, I often feel I have little to say and less time to say that little bit. Like Yvonne, I always read, but may not always comment. I will try at least to do that. Thank you for sharing all of you, on your blog and off. You are an amazing mentor :)

  7. Love seeing and hearing of your creative endeavours each and every day!! Go you girlfriend!!! ((((hugs)))) 💞

  8. Loved your Blog Post. can't wait to see your stamps