Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 22- #90daysofblogging

I thought I was going to get a chance to go out.  It didn't happen. So I have just been home playing around with some projects I wanted to try.  Tonight I finally got a chance to do a paint over.  What's a paint over?  A paint over is the technique I call when I do face matching and paints over magazine images.  I am not a portrait painter.  I seem to screw things up most once I add color.  My drawing needs work too, but I practice drawing a lot more then I practice coloring.

I took an large face from a magazine I have been holding on to for a very long time, a few months at least.  I think i got it from a GQ magazine I got from the library.  Once a year the library gives away some magazines to make room for the next year. Ha.. that means I have had these images 5 months!!  See how times flies?  Anyway my intent was to take the picture.. do the shadows in dark then color over and recreate what I see.  I don't use outright flesh tones.  So for this image I used Deco Art's Media Line matte medium to adhere face to 140lb wc paper.  Then I did my dark areas is Americana Black Tuxedo Acrylic.  I mixed my tinting base, dairylide yellow and naphthol red light until I got the flesh tone I wanted.  Used cotton ball and black tuxedo to recreate hair and face stubble.

Had fun, wish I had more photos to share.  This is my final picture although I think i may tweak it a little more before adding it to a pocket letter. :)  I set up 7 more portraits to paint over.  We will see how those go and I will post them.

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  1. wow that looks so fun & he came out so great. ^5

  2. I think you did an awesome job on this!!!! I love it.