Saturday, January 31, 2015

I want to be a part of the Colour Arte DT :)

The Company store and products can be found here!!

What can I say.. creating makes me VERY happy!  I absolutely LOVE color.  While I personally don't wear a lot of color.  I do LOVE to play with it! I think its the ONE thing that I am NOT afraid of in my art. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite color was.. I would say NEON, the brighter the better!! ::chuckle:: and probably narrow it down to a tanzanite or plum.  While both may be a shade of purple, they are very distinctly different!  Let NO ONE tell you otherwise! (smiles & laughs)

Anywhooo.. I am here today because I would like to be a part of Colour Arte Design Team and here is my project! Mixed Media Tags:  On the Left we have- Create Imagine Make Believe; On the right- Remember You Are Loved


 I cut a few hearts out an old pizza box.  I figured I could do it free hand.  Would look more MEKOish if I did.  I pulled pack the first layer or paper to expose the corrugated texture then I rubbed some gesso on it and let it dry as I prepped my tags.

I waited for the gesso to dry, I opened my pots of H2Os.. and grabbed whatever colors spoke to me at the time..No real reason or plan besides making a tag with a heart on it.  You should mist the pots and let them sit about 2-3 minutes so that water seeps into and all that colorful goodness!


 As the pots started to get a moistened and pasty, I just brushed color on the hearts.  Gesso may not have been the way to go.. but the H2Os are transparent, so I should have expected more white to show through.  I didn't use my paints so it wasn't really needed after all. On the left is a picture of some hearts I decided to color, just because I like to color hearts.  ::tilts head:: (laughs)  Don't my paints looked loved?  Took lots of use to get them that way.. Got to love them!

While these were drying I decided to go and work on my tags.  I had one large tag Prima doll tag and I had a smaller tag I received in Happy Mail that I knew I wanted to use. That tag had been hit with the #heatgun and embossed with some clear embossing power.  As you see in the next picture.. it creates a resist against the H2Os.. Cooooll Right? I think so!! (smiles) 

I saturated the tag in about 3 colors,.  
Don't they just look gorgeous! Blue Zircon, Pumpkin, and wild plum.  Then I worked on the other tag because I knew I had at wanted to make another one with a different technique. I painted the second card, but I got it extra juicy.  I wanted to add one more step to it before it began to dry.

So with my second tag.. I threw some rock salt on it.  I love how that turns out in the end.  Because not to drop any on the floor especially if you walk around with NO SHOES.. LIKE I DID! ::sigh::  Anyway, (smiles) here is a picture of that tag with salt on it!

I then decided, what they hey.. and tossed some on the embossed tag too!!
After I brushed the salt off I decided I wanted some color back on the second tag.  So I dropped some Deco Art Media Line Fluid Acrylic in my DA Molding Paste and stenciled a few spots.
While that was drying I decided I would hand write my quotes to go on my tags and I wanted to use some faces my daughter got from a dear friend of ours. (smiles.. HI VON) I painted the faces and did a quick wash on water color paper that i planned to cut up for my words.

After adhering my bits to my tag with my favorite Helmar Super Tac Glue. I finally added some scraps of ribbon and I felt like I was done.. :)  

My finished tags came out like this.. :)  I was pretty pleased with them.. Here they are once again!


I hope if you haven't given H2Os or other Colour Arte products a try that you will!
They not only provide you with QUALITY COLOR, but also AWESOME shimmer!  Grab a few and a brush and some water and give it go!! Have a GREAT WEEK!! ::waves::

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Word of the New Year- Embrace

Just a quickie post with a picture of an art journal page.  My word for the year is EMBRACE.. Learning to EMBRACE some things about myself..  and others..

Will write more from the pc, maybe..
Not sure I if like I like this blogger app. or not.. 

It does allow me to load my pictures from my phone and type a little bit at a time, if I need to.. as I need to.  I wish all my blog post could be done on blogger though.  Anyway, back to EMBRACE, (smiles). 

Things I want to EMBRACE-
  • Truth
  • Faith
  • Choices
  • Forgiveness
  • Life
  • Emotions
  • My Art
  • Color
  • My Beauty

Thanks for coming by.. just a random post to post my Word of the year.. I probably won't share.. because it is what it.. just a post.. :)  But if you find it by chance.. Thank you for stopping by.. :)

Supplies used was my Large Dylusions journal, NeoColorII, Stabilo All in black, Sharpie White Medium nib (waterbased), Pilot Bold 207black pen.. ( I think it's Pilot) and Gelatos and *Brad* Pitt Pens. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Introducing the New Design Team for Sin City Stamps.. Recognize Anyone?

SinCity Stamps is proud to announce their newest Design TeamThis team will be posting project on this blog three time per week with full tutorials.

Please meet our team!

Terri Sproul - Team leader and head Designer

Terri Sproul is a CHA designer and a force behind the amazing stamps designs for Sincity Stamps Designs.  She has the pleasure of living in San Diego country with her husband of 17 years on top of a mountain, call Palomar Mountain.

*I have watched Terri Sproul over last year or so, possibly more.  I have learned so much from her.  Not just as an artist, but as a person.  She isn't afraid to try things out for the first time in front of people.. that takes a lot of courage.  She doesn't even flench when things do something different than expected to do. I am totally overwhelmed with excitement and joy to with her!!  Get to know Terri, she does weekly Google hangout, which are recorded live and stored on youtube here

My name is Barbara Rankin, and I am a self-taught paper and mixed media artist, with my early beginnings making cards and gifts for family and friends.  I picked up my first rubber stamp in 1995, before the internet had so much inspiration to offer up-and-coming artists.  I love to learn, and I love to share what I have learned with others.  I love adding dimension to my projects, and just about everything I make has it in some form or fashion.  I am currently on two other design teams, Altered Pages and House of Cards.  I have been published in several paper and e-magazines, as well as a contributing artist in a book.  I have also been asked to make samples for display at CHA, as well as being a guest designer for Craftwell USA. I call Memphis, Tennessee, my home, which I share with my wonderful husband of 32 years and two adorable Yorkie sisters, all of whom make my life fabulous. 

*Totally looking forward to getting to know Barbara better, I am in quite a few facebook art groups with her where I have experienced her work which is very detailed and awesome (smiles).  Can't wait to share more of her finished pieces!! 

I am a mother of 2 boys, a wife of 23 years and an artist living in Northern New Jersey. Paper is my medium of choice, you can make or do anything with it! Inking it, Painting it, Using it for Transfers, Mixed Media, Card Making, Journal Making, Stuff Altering, Stamping, Coloring, and anything else that Sticks!!My work has been published and featured in magazines and I have the honor of designing for amazing people.I just enjoy the journey and I can't wait to see where it takes me next!

*Daniella is EVERYWHERE!! Who doesn't know her?? Her work is AWESOME and I look forward to learning more about her and sharing more of her finished creations!!!

Hello, my name is Lanette Erickson & I live in the mitten state with my husband & 2 amazing daughters. I've been a crafty person all my life & I've been a scrapbooker  for about 13 years. Scrapbooking took me to Mixed Media, Cards and Project Life...... So I guess I just love to create anything at this point. I've been told my style is Romantic and Clean & Simple but I try not to be boxed in by my style. I love to try new products, techniques and I’m always ready for a new challenge.

Looking forward to getting to know Lanette and her work..  

Chris Pozzi 

Hi I am Chris, Happily married to my high school sweetheart and proud mom to 3 precious (and sometimes precocious and rowdy) children. I LOVE scrapbooking and card making. I love adding stamps to my creations and getting inky.  I am super excited to be part of the SinCity Stamps Design Team!

*Looking forward to getting to know Chris and her work!!  :)

Tamiko McCurry  that's me! Yep. TIS ME!!!

I believe all things are possible with paper and good scissors. Add quality adhesive and things to write, draw and/or color with and BOOYAH...  We are having ourselves nothing but pure JOY and EXCITEMENT and EVERYDAY can be a HOLIDAY! (ha-ha).  I do a little bit of everything (smile), although my concentration as of lately has been towards, mixed media, art journaling.

 I am a practicing social media junky.. if there is an app. out there.. I've heard of it.. possibly used it or have had an account for it.  I believe #sharingiscaring and some folks get the best learning experiences from some of these things.  I believe one can easily become an educated consumer with few inquisitive search clicks from the internet with help from pinterest, facebook, ustream, youtube and vimeo.

Trent Miller 

I am a finance director by day and a mixed media artist by night and weekend. I grew up in Springfield, Illinois and live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my partner and three dogs Otto, Tyler, and Cody. My mother is my greatest inspiration and taught me to always do what you love. I never knew that I had this deep connections and love for the art of craft. I started my venture into crafting back in November 2011 when making first Christmas card.  After making that first card, I realized that this was a passion that was untapped for me. I discovered that I am a mixed media artist who loves making homemade cards, tags, wall art, canvas pieces and more. 

My area of expertise is making unique cards and tags that possess a vintage touch and feel.  I would say the common theme in my work is distress vintage.  I have this desire to intentionally fade and give a marred look to my work to convey an antique or used look. If you ask me what inspired me to continue on in this craft it is the capability to escape from the world through my creative process and exploration. My motto is to never give up on your dreams and never say you can’t but prove you can.  I admire the late Steve Jobs and a quote of his that I do my best to live by daily~ “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  As with all matters of the heart, you know when you find it.”   So for me I found it through being a mixed media artist and knowing what I create makes people smile!

*Very, very talented man.. I am looking forward to learning and sharing his finished works with everyone!!

Sandee SetliffSince childhood, I am happiest when I have paint and glue on my hands! Playing with new products and getting messy is time well spent in my book. I create a variety of mix media signs, cards, and altered art, and my creative style ranges from cute and fun to clean and simple which I sell in a local gallery called the Art MoB. My latest passion is art journaling, lettering, typography and collecting quotes. My grandest achievement so far, has been my being commissioned to paint a huge fiber glass bear which was auctioned off for charity in the end of the 2014 summer for $4,000.00. When I am not crafting I am photographing wildlife and hiking through our lovely North Carolina mountains. I am 55 years old, single and deliriously happy checking off my bucket list as I go along in life. My current mantra is "Going green in 2015 with the Arnold Grummer Papermaking team!" 

*Can not say enough about this lady, she encourages me and pushes me.. and almost kicks in the rear every time my inner critic makes an appearance (smiles).  She also is a very talented artist and has the credentials to prove it! I am totally in awe of the plethora artistic abilities she has. Very grateful for the friendship we have way before design teams became a part of it! <3 font="" nbsp="">

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guess who is finally making her own papers???

  First thing I did was get a NEW BLENDER!!  Why in sam hell could I not find one of the three we have?  Must be in the garage!!  It's COLD and DARK in the garage.. GUESS who isn't going in there ON PURPOSE!! Then ripped up some brown paper bags.. One about the size of stationary paper.  Until I am more comfortable in knowing what pulp textures, I will probably make small batches at a time,, 

Ok. you take those ripped papers.. (get them to about size of an inch if you can) and place them in the blender with about 2 cups of water..  TURN the BLENDER ON!!   Watching it all!!  Soothing.. isn't it?  Gonna get a video for you soon.. PAPERMAKAVISION.. yeahhh!

Prepare the contents of the almighty Arnold Grummer  Paper Mill.  Take the deckle (the thick wooden frame piece and remove the green velcro straps.. make sure your layer the deckle, screen (white) then the grid piece.  Wrap the velcro around that bottom and pull tightly.  You don't want the screen to slide while the pulp is poured.    The take a flat wash pan.. or any kind of flat container with sides that come equal to or higher then the deckle when flat.  Let the layered deckle be submerged in water like the picture below.. 

Pour the pulp (this was a lousy color to use.. but hey.. it is what it is.. ) into the deckles and take your fingers and swirl them around in the deckle, to move the particles around.  Make sure you DO NOT touch the bottom near the screen.  YOU CAN and I have.. thinned my paper in sections, because I did so.  

I skipped the next picture, because I needed both hands to remove the deckle from the basin annnnd my hands were wet.  No wet hands on electronics!! ::laughs::  In that process I carefully lifted the mold from the water, trying to keep it level. Removed the velcro and supported the grid with one  hand and remove it with the screen.  I then placed it on a flat surface/drain pan.  Now with the cover screen on top.. pulp.. hen white screen... on the pan.. i push a cello sponge into the paper to soak up extra moisture.  Be careful to press down and release then squeeze out water.. (back into deckle if you want..) If you press down and release and down again.. you are only putting the water back!!  

Once you have removed as much water as you can from the paper.. you can remove the screens one by one and slip the new made paper between couch (koosh) sheets (feels like a padded paper.. sorry no photo) By this time I was so in awe of what I had made.. I forgot all about taking pictures of the steps.  You can choose to let your paper dry naturally or you can use heat.. like from an iron.. not a #heatgun.. :) 

Below is the loveliness that follows the NOT so HARD after work of recycling and creating my own handmade papers.. I just sat in bed watching awesome videos from Arnold Grummer and loving the awesomeness that is.. MY OWN dang papers.. lol

Note.. the month of Jan 2015.. the discount code is Jan20!! 

Thanks for stopping by.. and if you want to see my first project with AG's DT.. click here!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sin City Stamp Line Design Team Try-Out Post

Hi I am Tamiko and today I am doing a mixed media page to try out for the Sin City Stamp Line Design Team .  I have loved stamps and anything involved with them, from coloring to cardmaking, paper art, and mixed media projects and more.  Today I just felt like trying something different.  I wanted to show the use of stamps on my handmade papers.  Handmade papers I created with my Arnold Grummer Paper Mill Kit.   

Here I thoroughly inked my rather large stamp with some black archival ink.

Looks good on my handmade paper. The image does not have to be perfect, but it does need to legible.

Stamped a few more images, Loved the idea of the images on the cover of some small art journal signatures I may include in some happy mail to friends or keep for myself.  Plus I like to try various types of platforms to stamp on.  I finally colored it with some water colors and a waterbrush by Koi.
Here are some pictures below of my finished piece.. I hope you enjoy!!



On my art journal page I chose to write 
Embrace Beauty.  My word for 2015 is Embrace.  This journal page is about Embracing beauty within our art or mind/spirits.  Loving what you bring about you into any situation. 

I hope I get the opportunity to design with Sin City Stamps, they are a company built with quality stamping and a talented group of people who I would like to experience working with.  In the mean time, check Sin City Stamps.  Look at all the lovely stamps they have!  I know I am generating a wishlist of my own!! :)  Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by!!