Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DecoArt Altered Frame/Chalk Board

When I first saw this paint, I was very intrigued on if it would work, how well would it work.. lol  I had just decided that I would use these altered frames I just got from Michael's and a simple piece of cardboard or chipboard.  The directions told me that I needed to place my first coat of black chalkboard paint  in vertical direction.  Let it dry for an hour.  Then my second coat in a horizontal direction and let it dry.  The whole thing, should then dry for 24hours before you use chalk to condition the surface, then you can use a slightly damp cloth  to clean the board and use it as normal.

In my collaged picture above I followed the steps to create the the chalkboard on a piece of cardboard.  I also painted the wooden frame I got from Michael's with Gloss Enamel and made a thin border that I framed off with some halloween washi tape.  :-)  Because I was exactly sure how I would like my project I only used red double sided tacky tape to adhere the cardboard to the back of the wooden frame.  I placed the tape on the frame and the board!  Believe it or not, it is pretty sturdy!  I may add a little texture at a later date, but for now I am pleased.. I am sure I will make a smaller one for my daughter to keep near the pc with small reminders.  Things she won't want to hear me say.. lol.. but if she reads them.. It will stick!! lol

Anyway, I hope this is something you will try.. I know I have a plethora of ideas for this chalkboard paint!
Enjoy Thursday!! And from my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

I {heart} Ornament Painting with DecoArts!

This is my first post as a DecoArts blogger!  I was so excited to get my package in the mail and to get the chance to check out these paints!!  I had decided I would make ornaments and take the opportunity to check out the Crystal Gloss Enamel Glitter Acrylic, Frost Gloss Enamel Acrylic and Plain Gloss Acryllic.  (All pictured below)



I chose to make a ornament because I wanted to see how well the DecoArt paints would coat the glass ornament. I then took one of the ornaments in my hand and held it securely, so that I could remove the silver top/lid.  The lids slide off easily.. without any real pressure. :-)  Save them!!  They go right back on once everything is all over!! 

  One you get all the tips off.. take the paints you want to add.. and add them to your ornaments at the opening and let them drizzle down the side.  No need to coat every part.  and for a marble-look  add various colors to the same globe.  :-) No two ornaments will turn out the same!  Sort of like snowflakes.. :-) 

One you have added your paints to your ornaments place your finger/thumb over the opening and shake, shake, shake! :-)  Lookie.. Lookie!!  The things I said to myself.. while shaking these small glass globes.. *I got your head!!*  *SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!*  Yeah.. I am way weird.. lol!!  As you make them.. Either have a paper cup available or the original tray available to turn the globe upside down.. as to drain the excess paints.. (FYI- I used my paint to make a few journal pages Eeee!! (happy sound)) This process could take 2-3 days unfortunately.. but I would recommend checking on them throughout that period.. just in case you can clear away any of that extra paint early that may be filling up the neck of the globe.. (if that makes any sense..)

DecoArt Crystal Glossy Enamel Glitter Acrylics.. added just enough extra glitta and sparkle of what I need to these tiny little lovelies!  I love each one!!  


The last part I had to do.. was tint my caps.. I did that with some Adirondack alcohol ink and a nice fancy make up applicator that looks like a cotton swab.. but isn't.. lol  Just brushed a very little ink on the caps and threaded them with some Wraphia from ULINE.  Then I placed the caps back on the ornaments.. :-)

Then this was my finished ornament.. :-)  Very pleased with it!  Not colors I generally gravitate towards, but very beautiful and every bit!  It goes well with out champagne coloured pencil tree.  The ornaments give it the pops of colour my mom loves.. and they are her favourites (earth tones) .. sounds like a #winwin to me.. :-)

Supplies for this project would include:
  • Americana Crystal Gloss Enamels Glitter Transparent paint in Brown, Yellow, Orange, White, 
  • Americana Frost Gloss Enamel paint in Gold and Yellow 
  • Americana Gloss Enamel  paint in Light Buttermilk, honey Brown and Dark Chocolate
  • Adirondack Alcohol ink in Butterscotch
  • Wraphia/Twine/Ribbon to thread ornaments
  • Craft Glass Ornaments (available in various shapes and sizes)
  • of course towel, alcohol wipes, small paint brush (for clean up) and scissors (to cut wrafia)
I hope you had as much fun following along with me as I did creating this for you!  Until next time #decoartrocks #paintsrule :-) #createdaily !!