Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Its STAMPENDOUS & DecoArt PLaYTiMe!! :) - MM Card & Treasures Box

In the mail I received some products from STAMPENDOUS and I was elated at the opportunity to play with them!!  I got a Creative Palette and mono printing plate,  a large acrylic handle, and two cling stamps!  They couldn't have come at a  better time.. because I am now, all set to play, with some of my favorite DecoArt paints and stencils!

Loving the idea of creating my own prints.. I leaped into the idea of playing with the Creative Palette and generating some fun backgrounds.. :)  I love the idea that's slender and it space in my bag, which makes it easy for me to grab it and go!  This is a mixed media card I made using an Artistcellar Stencil from the Sacred Heart Series and my favorite DecoArt Neon Acrylics.

Loved the how the stencil was imperfectly perfect on the monoprinting plate.. I think next time I will add some DecoArt Drying Time Extender to my paints and see how that goes too.. :)

My message to myself for the month of June... Live Creatively...

I mean.. the possibilities are well beyond what I have done.. but I plan to check out some other ways to utilize my new friend!  After creating some more pages and  backgrounds..

Then I decided to play with the STAMPENDOUS Face stamp called the Cling GLANCE- CRR200.  She was totally fun.. as I have NO large face stamps to play with!!  The lines from the image are clear and she is just the right size to do a little envelope art..  I was sending my friend Tamie some Happy Mail, and well Tamie loves Sugar Skulls.. So I decided to Sugar Skull my image.. Here is how that turned out..
Excuse my thumb.. (smile) I was debating posting this picture.. and decided at the last minute.. What the heck!  I am playing with a wonderful stamp and this is only a few of the possibilities!!  Oh Yeah.. Tamie.. YOU GOT MAIL!!  :)

Now for my last project.. It was something I had never done.. :)  An altered cigar box.  I actually received one from my dear friend VON for my birthday earlier this month.. Von makes me smile! She is a warm and beautiful lady.  I thought what she had given me was sooo dainty and lady-like.  I knew I wanted to make one too!

To be honest with you.. I looked at so many YOUTUBE videos and blogs on the topic, I couldn't tell you who's idea it actually is.. :)  But I do know I went to Andy Skinner and Made by Sannie 's blogs and CreaBoeTiek Channel on YouTube for inspiration for my first box.

Took a plain wooden cigar box and painted it with DecoArts MultiSurface Satin Acrylics in Coca bean and Chocolate and covered the whole box...

I don't know why.. but I always keep my DecoArt gesso nearby! (smile)

Then I added a thick layer of DecoArts Modeling Paste to the cover.  Then I smooshed a wide piece of lace and some of my favorite trinkets into paste on the lid.  Flowers, charms, and all kinds of metal embellishments.. :)  I let it air dry for 24 hours.

Then I covered the ENTIRE thing in yet more acrylic paints!  Even the metals!.  It was rather dull so I then added some of my favorite Dazzling Metallic Renaissance Brown and Bronze by DecoArts.  Let see some better pictures of the finished box in some pictures below...

decided I wanted some little feet so I glued these one with some help from Helmar's Glue that I got at Frosted Designs.. whew that Barb sure does send quick!!!  :)  

this is a side panel..

I loved painting her face and then adding glaze so her image was not flat.. since the box had so much shimmer now.. :)
this is a close up after adding some of the dazzling acrylics I mentioned.  :)

Here is another side panel...

Well that's it for me.. I hope you guys enjoyed viewing my page and watching me play with my fantabulous paints from DecoArt.. and those outrageously fun Stampendous products!  I am sure it won't be the last time I pick them up  and it wouldn't be for you either!!  :)

Since I am a part of a blog hop.. I thought it might be nice to let you know there are bunch of talented people out here this week playing with paints, brushes and stamps.. I hope you can take a moment to check them and don't forget to comment, pin and like our sponsors for this event!  It also helps to make you eligible for the prize package. :)

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