Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Ribbon Challenge with May Arts!! December 2013

After submitting a tentative plan for creating a project using ribbon... I got an opportunity to be selected for the 2013 MayArts Christmas Ribbon Challenge!  There were 20  folks selected and we were all sent four types of ribbon.. two yards each.  With this ribbon we were to design our projects.  Of course I had to make this difficult for myself.  My initial two ideas.. turned into 32 ideas, lol.  I also an my worse critic.. and I was working myself big time.  I had chosen to NOT do what i submitted and to submit something else.. then I told myself.. NO you cannot do that.. Maybe you were chosen because of what you chose to do as a project and to change it.. could duplicate what someone else is doing... We Won't Have That!!  LOL

Anyway I stuck with my initial plan.  Which was to create an ornament and a mini canvas ornament. I used layers of acryllics, bookpages bits, decoupage, gesso, drawing, outline stickers, beeswax and stamping on my mini canvases.  They were fun to create!  The clear circular ornament gave me a chance to use my ribbon and step outside the box and NOT use it as ribbon!  I used the ribbon as a flower.  I stitched the individual petals together adhere it to the plastic craft globe with Helmar's 450 glue (which dries very QUICK and CLEAR) and then attached a brad to its center.  After attaching about four of these flowers to my ornament, I doodled all over it with my favorite white paint pen by DecoArt.. I also added a TP (toilet paper flower ornament).. I used Helmar 450 to adhere the chevron ribbon to the outside of the cut TP roll and I painted the inside with DecoArt.  Added a little glitter to the edges (which I would reconsider now, if done again)  Anyway, this was the final project.. :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

November's Creative Dare- GRATITUDE

This month we were told, by Tracy Weinzapfel...  to select a color palette of our choosing.. I chose from my favorite Americana Neons from DecoArt and stenciled with The Crafters' Workshop Stencils and modelinging paste (for texture). 

  this is the blue., this is the green,

this is pink,   this is yellow...  

This we were to also add a quote or write about gratitude.  I am not a writer by any means.. lol So I went on my favorite site.. Pinterest and searched for gratitude quotes and found one that spoke most to me.

as as always.. just a reminder where you can stay in contact with us.. :-)


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