Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Challenge- Lisa Congdon & CreativeBug

Had a good time the month of January on Instagram  drawing an item a day with Lisa Congdon and CreativeBug.  CB has a 14 day free trial membership for newbies, after that it is a little under $5 a month for unlimited viewing from several teachers, many of which have multiple videos per lesson all in the same place.  You can learn a variety artistic topics.  They are professionally filmed and recorded. Many provide pdfs.  So worth it if you ask me!   Will I stay a member, no..  (smile) But I will check in 2-3 times a year if there new courses.

The 31 day, daily drawing challenge info can be found here, on Lisa's blog.
She chose 31 items and each day in Jan. 2016, she released a short video on drawing the item.
The thing about the 31 days.. it kinda starts a habit.. drawing/expressing one's self daily. I met a bunch of uber cool artist, whose persona cam through drawing daily.  I was just happy to embrace the imperfect pen drawing.  I even made it a point after a few days... to just say... NO MORE pencil.. and to embrace whatever the pen and ink layed to paper.  Will post all 31 of my drawing here.. in another post