Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am BACK and I have something with me!!

It's been a long while I know. I cannot say I haven't been doing anything fun, because I have.  Just not as much or as regular as I would liked to!  I am been a Pintrest Junky!! :-)  I have been gathering inspiration and knowledge there and pinning it to keep for everrrr (evil laugh inserted here) lol.  I also have decided to pick up some art journaling.  What's art journaling?  Art journaling is a way of combining words and pictures/artwork to express whoever is creator of the page is.  Doesn't have to be a passage or even a sentence.  Could be something as simple as a thought or a quote or a line from a song.. :-)  Which brings me to my reason for today's post.  I am a member of a secret society of journal artist, lol.. No, I am a member of a very fine, talented and friendly group of folks on facebook called Mixed Media Mondays.  The host is Tracy Weinzapfel of Tracy Weinzapfel Studios.. I originally met her with HELMAR!!  My most favorite wet adhesive in the world!  Anyway.. let me post my pic before i don't post anything!! lol  So this month:

 DARE YOU to Create.....
March's Creative Dare:
Create a piece using BUTTONS including a song (lyrics and/or title) that means a lot to you!

My song is by R. Kelly's * I believe I can fly 

I liked doing this.. I have to admit I was happy to do this one for the challenge and I was also happy to be able to use this same picture to use for the month of April, for Autism Awareness.  April 2, 2013 is Light It Up Blue!!  I also have to give credit to the designer of the digital images used in this piece to Mr Robert Jackson, check him out by clicking here!!