Saturday, June 29, 2013


 In the above picture instead of five photos.. I focused on 5 things I needed to begin the process of starting my Follow Your Voice *challenge*.  You will see a pencil.. I am sure that while writing I will make plenty of mistakes (smile). My Lesson- I know I will refer to it constantly throughout the week! My Pitt pens/plain papermate for doodling,  haha as you see I have already begun doing some on my lesson! My camera for taking pictures (might be my trusty Kodak.. or my HTC cell phone.. :-) and Last my MP3 player.. whenevr I feel blocked.. I will put my buds in my ears.. and unplug my mind!!  That's my story and I am sticking to it!!.. Thanks for coming on this adventure with me!!

What is Storytelling to me? What stories do I want to tell?  
To me, storytelling is the ability to capture an audience with true or make believe dynamics of some sort. Whether it be with groups of words and sentences; pictures or pieces or art; movements as in a dance; notes in a song.. The stories I would like to tell would be of childhood and adult memories, some good, some bad.. some lessons well learned.. some adventures with friends.. lol  my daughter.. my craft..   I could tell a goo-gob stories.. and no one would tell them from my perspective.. like I could.. :-)

Who are you? Use this space to describe yourself...
 :-) I am Tamiko in japanese it means a beautiful child/flower.. I am Mother of one, Daughter, Sister, Friend to many, an exWife, Lover, Starving Artist (not in the nutritional sense, but in the thirst for knowledge and desire for technique and artistry, :-))  I love deep. I am passionate about things I care about.. and I care about a lot of things.. and money isn't one.  I am motivated by enlightenment.. if that makes sense.. so I feel like I will forever evolve! I am a purple, chocolate, and coffee lover!!  I am a WSL and Pacemaker Recipient!  I am unsure, unknowing, KIND, Fair, Spiritual, Strong, Weak, MEAN, Sarcastic and probably some other things.. lol.. :-)

What are your storytelling goals? 
How do they fit in with the rest of your creative & life goals?
My Story telling goals will help me to communicate my purpose.  I am transforming and with these changes  I will need to be able talk to people and explain the impact of having had WLS, a pacemaker, losing over 100lbs, having a child with autism, my art and crafts and how things have affected /sustained me during these times.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Powerful Truths!

I like this page because I used a bunch of POWERFUL TRUTHs to create it..  What are powerful truths? To me they can be different for the individual.  For me, they are strong beliefs, things I abide by day to day.. Things I hear.. that make me want to say Amen because they move me spiritually/morally/internally (for a lack of better wording).. lol  Almost like how some folks hear verses in the bible and scream Amen. :-)

Anyway.. again.. it was fun..  I have a bazillion more I could write down.. but these came to mind first...

New Challenge.. Story Writing..

I guess this blog will become more active. not with just my cards.. or my journaling.  Thanks to my friends over at Mixed Media Mondays. Sandee, Leslie, and Susan.. We will all be taking part in the Summer Find Your Voice Story Telling Workshop!  Sounds cool right?  Sounds mad cool to me!  Starts June 24th, that's tomorrow!

Anyway, will update and share as I learn more!!


Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Ian!!
(that's my baby Brother, never know when he is reading)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June's Creative Dare

June's Creative DARE......I DARE YOU to Create

Junes Creative Dare is about Powerful Truths.. Lord knows I have a bunch of those.. :-)  So I just took one of the ones I believe in and animated it a little bit I guess.    It reads.. Good things comes to those that believe.. Better things come to those that are patient and the BEST things come to those that Don't Give Up..    So in whatever you do.. as long as you aren't hurting anyone... and this is something you really want to succeed in.. KEEP on KEEPING ON!! Don't let anyone tell you different! :-) 

I think I also enjoyed this post because  got a chance to use a lot of birthday goodies.. Faber Castell Pitt Pens & Gelatos, watercolor crayons, charcoal pencils, Heidi Swap Stencils and a few Tombows Markers:-) 

Here is Tracy Weinzapfel's Creative Dare for June that she created LIVE on June 3, 2013 and shared HERE:

 It is easy to submit!  Just upload your layouts below "ADD YOUR LINK"!  If you do not have a blog to link to don't worry!  You can still upload to Flicker HEREand link from there too!  She DAREs you to get creative and to work outside your comfort zones....
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