Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hey guys.. this is another project I had loaded images from my camera.. and never posted.  Told myself if I ever got a laptop so I could type at my liesure I would type a post for it.. As a matter of fact I'd post more often..  Well below I began with Holbein watercolors and I created bubbles.  I chose colors I was already using simular to my Deco Art Americana Acrylics I painted my base canvas with. I also used oil pastel and acrylics to create light on the bubbles. Then I cut the bubbles out.


I used some Helmars glue to adhere the bubbles to my canvas.  

I also took more Helmars glue and some coordinating colored seeds beads and added some texture and dimension.  The glue dries clear and with a lil sheen/crystalization.

Here is a the finished piece.. I love it.. :)

Faces.. Old but posting...

Not exactly sure why I wanted to make a post of this image. Cant remember what I used to create it other then it being water soluble... and in form of a crayon.. Guess thats what I get for waiting over 3 months to complete the blog post.. Either way, I love ANY water soluble crayons..  She does look like how I feel today.. Some folks ruffle my feathers.. unknowingly of course.. and I just hope I control myself and don't lose myself and tell them how I feel..  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Natural Soap by Zakia

I am so happy I decided 2017 was going to be my year for self care. One way I decided to do this was with the purchase of a Naturally Nourishing Soap Box Subscription from Zakia Ringold. I met Zakia on Periscope, where I was quickly drawn in by her personality and passion for soap making! I'm serious.. You know how folks kid and watching paint dry.. well not so funny, because I do that! But also, I tuned in for episode after episode to watch Zakia make soap and her exfoilliating sugar scrub y'all!!  This chick is a the real deal!!  While I won't be taking pictures in the bath (haha) I will be reporting to you all just how everything goes with this soap, which by the way smells so damn good and clean!! I'm excited, so excited wrote a post!!  Happy New to You Year!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Winner of the giveaway spot for the One BADASS Workshop, was originally won by someone who already purchased a spot.  She paid it forward by choosing another person commenting from the page who has less then 24hrs to contact me!  Yikes!!She has got to be ONE BADASS Commentor.  In the meantime, in between time, early registration for the workshop ends December 26th, 2016!!  You can still use discount code URBADASS till December 26!!  Register NOW!!


Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 5.. Tamiko Intro & GiveAway

Today is day 5 of the introductions and my name is Tamiko McCurry. Some of you know me as MEKOfoSHO on many of my social media platforms!  I am a born and raised Chicagoan!  Growing up in Chicago, IL, I never thought one could be an artist unless they had sold work in galleries or were acknowledged/recognized by some formally educated artistic community, until I became an art journaler/mixed media artist . So many can'ts became cans and because of that, I EMBRACE the title, ARTIST.  

I am totally stoked and honored to say I am a part of  the One BADASS Art Journal Online Workshop of 2017!! ::insert super loud wild woman yells here:: . As I look at the picture below, I think... She's a BADASS.. She's a BADASS! & She's a BADASS and so on!!  I hope that you will join us and EMBRACE your inner BADASS too!!

Check out this awesome intro!!!

It is such a wonderful feeling to be in a line up with such amazing artists and/or sister-friends. Some I have admired over some time, some I have personally taken e-courses or watched youtube videos from, some I have watched their work transcend beyond anything we could have possibly fathomed and some I can't wait to experience (smiles). This will be my first time as an online instructor and I am feeling an abundance of emotions, most importantly gratitude, at being given an opportunity to share with you all, something I once only did to keep my own sanity (smiles).  Thank you Tiare Smith!! 

 Our list of instructors on the hop include....

Dec. 6th- Kiala Givehand –
Dec. 7th- Susanne Rose –
Dec. 8th- Tracy Weinzapfel –
Dec. 9th- Tamiko McCurry – 

Dec.10th- Effy Wild –

Dec. 11th- Cristin Stephenson –
Dec. 12th- Sharon Harkness-Dobler –
Dec. 13th- Andrea Gomoll –
Dec. 14th- Jennifer Albin –
Dec. 15th- Amanda Trought –
Dec. 16th-Keri Sallee –
Dec. 17th- Robin Mead-
Dec. 18th- Tiare Smith –

SIGN UP for the class and use this promo code; URBADASS 
to get 15% off the registration!! Would you like to WIN a free spot? Leave me a comment below to let me know you were here and for extra entries- follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter!  Winner will be announced Dec. 19th, 2016!!. (smiles)  Thank you for stopping by, YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!