Friday, January 19, 2018

It's a Rinea Inspired Girl!!

This post is in fact double posted and the original can be found over at!  

HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!!  Tamiko here and I hope you all are doing well!!  This year I chose not to do any resolutions but I do have a word of the year. I picked my word to be NURTURE.  Nurture myself, family, friends (old and new relationships), art and my relationship with God.  Seems like a lot, but the list is short and realistic, to me. I am so honored to be part of this team when they made January Rinea Inspiration month! We get to show you what we can do with new and wonderful product. (cheesy grin) 
So, I needed to embellish a shower gift.  One of my dearest friend's adult child is having her first baby girl. (insert ooo and ahhs here.. (smile))  That makes one of my oldest and dearest besties a GRAMMY!!!  :::a wooohooo for her sounds good here:: I'm not showing the gift, which was also hand painted by me, because this post will go live before they receive it. (smile) Check out these darling little shoes I am using to embellish the present. HelmaRENIAbooty

Items needed to create the above:
Renia Metallic Foiled Paper-
    In Fuschia
Baby Shoe Paper pattern on pinterest -
    provided by
Fussy Cut Scissors
    Paper flowers
    Faux Rhinestone Trim
    Pom pom Ribbon
FineLiner Applicator  (optional)
The Rinea papers are beautiful foiled paper that come in a plethora of colors!!  As soon as I saw the fuschia paper I know I was going to make a pair of baby girl shoes.  The more I played with the paper and saw its flexibility and how easily it held shape, I knew I had chosen the right project. On pinterest I had already eyed this pattern by So I printed it and roughly cut out the piece.  Then I took the pattern and folded my 6 x 12 inch sheets of Rinea paper in half and cut out the pieces.

The Rinea paper made it easy to navigate glue placement with the tabs.  I folded the tabs along the inside the sole of the shoe and secured them with the Super Tac Eva Glue.  After that was secure I added the base of the shoe!!  I then embellished the shoe with paper flowers and faux rhinestone trim using my QuickDry 450 Glue.! Helmar450

Shortly after creating my embellishments I showed my mom and aunt and they were totally giggly and excited about the project. They gave me even more suggestion for those lil cutie patooties and that made my day!  Can't wait to explore more possibilities with Renia and Helmar.  Don't forget to check out the Renia site by clicking here,  especially when you want a lil shimmer in your work without adding glitter and totally classy texture foiled paper!! 
Don't forget with great paper there should always be, even better glues and we cover that here at Helmar Worldwide!! HELAMR & RENIA 2018

Friday, November 17, 2017


Just working in layers.. I love my watercolor pieces...

Planner Pins- Dollar Tree Find

I am not a planner, let's just face it.. I have no real life activities worth recording besides the occasional doctors appointments.. :) But I am totally enthused with making planner clips.  I think its fun to see the hanging out the top of a midori type or ring planner.  They don't take long to make and you can make them from almost anything. Below I took a card my daughter got from her birthday and saved the sweet treats to make planner clips.

Then in the next picture I took the stickers I was hoarding from Dollar Tree!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hey guys.. this is another project I had loaded images from my camera.. and never posted.  Told myself if I ever got a laptop so I could type at my liesure I would type a post for it.. As a matter of fact I'd post more often..  Well below I began with Holbein watercolors and I created bubbles.  I chose colors I was already using simular to my Deco Art Americana Acrylics I painted my base canvas with. I also used oil pastel and acrylics to create light on the bubbles. Then I cut the bubbles out.


I used some Helmars glue to adhere the bubbles to my canvas.  

I also took more Helmars glue and some coordinating colored seeds beads and added some texture and dimension.  The glue dries clear and with a lil sheen/crystalization.

Here is a the finished piece.. I love it.. :)

Faces.. Old but posting...

Not exactly sure why I wanted to make a post of this image. Cant remember what I used to create it other then it being water soluble... and in form of a crayon.. Guess thats what I get for waiting over 3 months to complete the blog post.. Either way, I love ANY water soluble crayons..  She does look like how I feel today.. Some folks ruffle my feathers.. unknowingly of course.. and I just hope I control myself and don't lose myself and tell them how I feel..