Monday, June 3, 2019

Rita Barakat meets Style Tech Crafts Blog hop- Mermaid Canvas by Tamiko

Hey creatives Tamiko here!  I haven't used my blog in such a long time and I don't know why!!  But today I am here to speak about a collaborative project between Rita Barakat's fabulous Mermaid Dies and the glitter vinyl from Style Tech Craft!  Check out what I made!

Tools Needed:
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
5x7 Canvas board panel
Dymo label maker

I played with the dies first of all.. How freaking cute are they, really?!?!? After I decided which ones I wanted to work with I had to pick over the vinyls I received from Style Tech Crafts. What can I say, I was unnecessarily intimidated by the vinyl. Little did I know how simple it would be to just cut the vinyl.  No machine was actually needed!!  This vinyl has a glittery type of look and guess what?  Not one piece came off on my hands, to be found at a later date on my eyebrow (laughs).  I was totally impressed with this.

I took cardstock and drew shapes I wanted for the canvas. With those shapes I new exactly how much vinyl I needed for each section. The vinyl sheets come off a 12x12 sheet, so that left me with plenty to use on other projects!  I'm pretty excited about that, especially since I had so many die cut mermaids I hadn't used!

I am so in love with Rita Barakat's die cuts and not just the mermaids, I might add!  They are so vibrant in color and can just about fit just about anywhere!  My jounals, planner, this canvas, shadow boxes and even mason jars!!  (yes I've placed them in mason jars!!)  I adhered these mermaids to the vinyl on the canvas! Added some text from dymo label maker and voila!  A small inspirational canvas I can place anywhere and enjoy daily!!  I hope you enjoyed my project as much as I did creating it!  Don't forget to follow Rita Barakat and Style Tech Craft on all social media platforms!  Some links are provided below!!!

Don't forget to check out the other designers to see what they did with the mermaids and vinyl! 

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