Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Ribbon Challenge with May Arts!! December 2013

After submitting a tentative plan for creating a project using ribbon... I got an opportunity to be selected for the 2013 MayArts Christmas Ribbon Challenge!  There were 20  folks selected and we were all sent four types of ribbon.. two yards each.  With this ribbon we were to design our projects.  Of course I had to make this difficult for myself.  My initial two ideas.. turned into 32 ideas, lol.  I also an my worse critic.. and I was working myself big time.  I had chosen to NOT do what i submitted and to submit something else.. then I told myself.. NO you cannot do that.. Maybe you were chosen because of what you chose to do as a project and to change it.. could duplicate what someone else is doing... We Won't Have That!!  LOL

Anyway I stuck with my initial plan.  Which was to create an ornament and a mini canvas ornament. I used layers of acryllics, bookpages bits, decoupage, gesso, drawing, outline stickers, beeswax and stamping on my mini canvases.  They were fun to create!  The clear circular ornament gave me a chance to use my ribbon and step outside the box and NOT use it as ribbon!  I used the ribbon as a flower.  I stitched the individual petals together adhere it to the plastic craft globe with Helmar's 450 glue (which dries very QUICK and CLEAR) and then attached a brad to its center.  After attaching about four of these flowers to my ornament, I doodled all over it with my favorite white paint pen by DecoArt.. I also added a TP (toilet paper flower ornament).. I used Helmar 450 to adhere the chevron ribbon to the outside of the cut TP roll and I painted the inside with DecoArt.  Added a little glitter to the edges (which I would reconsider now, if done again)  Anyway, this was the final project.. :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

November's Creative Dare- GRATITUDE

This month we were told, by Tracy Weinzapfel...  to select a color palette of our choosing.. I chose from my favorite Americana Neons from DecoArt and stenciled with The Crafters' Workshop Stencils and modelinging paste (for texture). 

  this is the blue., this is the green,

this is pink,   this is yellow...  

This we were to also add a quote or write about gratitude.  I am not a writer by any means.. lol So I went on my favorite site.. Pinterest and searched for gratitude quotes and found one that spoke most to me.

as as always.. just a reminder where you can stay in contact with us.. :-)


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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DecoArt Altered Frame/Chalk Board

When I first saw this paint, I was very intrigued on if it would work, how well would it work.. lol  I had just decided that I would use these altered frames I just got from Michael's and a simple piece of cardboard or chipboard.  The directions told me that I needed to place my first coat of black chalkboard paint  in vertical direction.  Let it dry for an hour.  Then my second coat in a horizontal direction and let it dry.  The whole thing, should then dry for 24hours before you use chalk to condition the surface, then you can use a slightly damp cloth  to clean the board and use it as normal.

In my collaged picture above I followed the steps to create the the chalkboard on a piece of cardboard.  I also painted the wooden frame I got from Michael's with Gloss Enamel and made a thin border that I framed off with some halloween washi tape.  :-)  Because I was exactly sure how I would like my project I only used red double sided tacky tape to adhere the cardboard to the back of the wooden frame.  I placed the tape on the frame and the board!  Believe it or not, it is pretty sturdy!  I may add a little texture at a later date, but for now I am pleased.. I am sure I will make a smaller one for my daughter to keep near the pc with small reminders.  Things she won't want to hear me say.. lol.. but if she reads them.. It will stick!! lol

Anyway, I hope this is something you will try.. I know I have a plethora of ideas for this chalkboard paint!
Enjoy Thursday!! And from my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

I {heart} Ornament Painting with DecoArts!

This is my first post as a DecoArts blogger!  I was so excited to get my package in the mail and to get the chance to check out these paints!!  I had decided I would make ornaments and take the opportunity to check out the Crystal Gloss Enamel Glitter Acrylic, Frost Gloss Enamel Acrylic and Plain Gloss Acryllic.  (All pictured below)



I chose to make a ornament because I wanted to see how well the DecoArt paints would coat the glass ornament. I then took one of the ornaments in my hand and held it securely, so that I could remove the silver top/lid.  The lids slide off easily.. without any real pressure. :-)  Save them!!  They go right back on once everything is all over!! 

  One you get all the tips off.. take the paints you want to add.. and add them to your ornaments at the opening and let them drizzle down the side.  No need to coat every part.  and for a marble-look  add various colors to the same globe.  :-) No two ornaments will turn out the same!  Sort of like snowflakes.. :-) 

One you have added your paints to your ornaments place your finger/thumb over the opening and shake, shake, shake! :-)  Lookie.. Lookie!!  The things I said to myself.. while shaking these small glass globes.. *I got your head!!*  *SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!*  Yeah.. I am way weird.. lol!!  As you make them.. Either have a paper cup available or the original tray available to turn the globe upside down.. as to drain the excess paints.. (FYI- I used my paint to make a few journal pages Eeee!! (happy sound)) This process could take 2-3 days unfortunately.. but I would recommend checking on them throughout that period.. just in case you can clear away any of that extra paint early that may be filling up the neck of the globe.. (if that makes any sense..)

DecoArt Crystal Glossy Enamel Glitter Acrylics.. added just enough extra glitta and sparkle of what I need to these tiny little lovelies!  I love each one!!  


The last part I had to do.. was tint my caps.. I did that with some Adirondack alcohol ink and a nice fancy make up applicator that looks like a cotton swab.. but isn't.. lol  Just brushed a very little ink on the caps and threaded them with some Wraphia from ULINE.  Then I placed the caps back on the ornaments.. :-)

Then this was my finished ornament.. :-)  Very pleased with it!  Not colors I generally gravitate towards, but very beautiful and every bit!  It goes well with out champagne coloured pencil tree.  The ornaments give it the pops of colour my mom loves.. and they are her favourites (earth tones) .. sounds like a #winwin to me.. :-)

Supplies for this project would include:
  • Americana Crystal Gloss Enamels Glitter Transparent paint in Brown, Yellow, Orange, White, 
  • Americana Frost Gloss Enamel paint in Gold and Yellow 
  • Americana Gloss Enamel  paint in Light Buttermilk, honey Brown and Dark Chocolate
  • Adirondack Alcohol ink in Butterscotch
  • Wraphia/Twine/Ribbon to thread ornaments
  • Craft Glass Ornaments (available in various shapes and sizes)
  • of course towel, alcohol wipes, small paint brush (for clean up) and scissors (to cut wrafia)
I hope you had as much fun following along with me as I did creating this for you!  Until next time #decoartrocks #paintsrule :-) #createdaily !! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October's Creative Daré....

This month for Tracy's monthly challenge in Mixed Media Mondays.. The theme is to Let Go... That is hard for me.. while I try to consciously to consider others feelings.. in conversation.. or advice.. or critique.. So many others care less about extending the same courtesy.  Art is art.. to me... It should be appreciated for what it is.. regardless of content.  People constantly put their creativity on the line.. People are cruel, sometimes.

For a long time I use to worry about it.  Worrying held back my creativity and williness to share.  Feels good to be surrounded by people who appreciate the efforts, first and foremost.. and creativity.. and feels good to know that in our small circle at Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel.. the experience ranges beginners to teachers that are accomplished and commisioned artist. When we need help or assistance it's there.. and given so freely. The attitudes are positive.. The laughter is abundant!  I hope you guys get a chance to come and join us..

Today's page was an example of me letting go.. I love it.. and plan to do more...

Anyway, thanks for looking..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grateful.. for you

Love this one.. got a chance to "Let Go!" And make small mess with my fingers.. Used some sunflower napkin, some prima papers and my Deco Arts paints.. I love how it turned out.. Hope you do as well..

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing Catch Up!

Wow ...

Can't Believe I let the whole month of August go by without posting to my blog.  For that.. I am sorry.. I will do better.  The month of September we are to post our house..  and in our house we should list some of the things we are willing to let into our house...   The first one I started on  I started with grids.. I started doing grids with Tammy Garcia over at doing ICADs (index cards a day)  the BEST WORKSHOP ever.. I know for the rest of my life creating everyday whether it be.. on  a card.. on a napkin.. in a sock.. on a shoe.. on a hemline.. on a pocket..  in a pocket.. no matter how small.. no matter where.. no matter with what mediums.. create everyday.. and if you can.. make a mental picture.. or a physical one.. lol  Thank you Tammy.. <3 p="">

The second picture is my first attemp to use my gelli prints as  background on canvas board.. 

and as always..  Thanks for stopping by.. :-)


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FIND YOUR VOICE Lesson 3- Crafty Prompt

This Lesson 3's crafty prompt.. was to create something that makes me smile.  Well.. This did it for me!!  I had no idea what I would do, but I was going through the mail.. and BOOM!! 

I was suddenly inspired to create a art journaling page.. lol

This page makes me happy because-
I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  I don't know if I say that enough.. sometimes I mean the color and sometimes I mean the food (big ole' cheesey grin.. take that however you like, ha-ha)  The background of the page pops with my favorite colors of blues and purples.  I am stepping outside my comfort zone by using yellow.. trying layers.. adding objects.. using decoupage with magazine photos, dictionary papers. adding stickles, a little washi tape, and taking a picture outside for once.. to see if I get better color!!  I am also posting about it.. so many things get done.. and never ever posted about.. Then again.. everyone doesn't have a great group of pals like I do over on FACEBOOK @ FIND YOUR VOICE

FIND YOUR VOICE Lesson 2- Part 2

Who am I? I am an introvert, until I feel comfortable around you.  Then I let my hair down, the little I have left, lol.. I become a Good Girl, lol!  In the best way.. :-)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July's Creative Dare

This creative dare for July is to pick a Monday.. any Monday with Tracy.. create a piece, inspired by her and share it.  She also wants to know what part Mixed Media Mondays plays in our lives.. :-)  As for me.. as I learn not to not be so critical of my art.. and be more accepting of it and love it.. I too learn to be more accepting of myself.. and my choices.  My art makes me happy.  at the time I created it.  I can always see ways to improve it, but just like with many things.. some times you just have to do the best you can, then walk away.. knowing what you did was enough. Tracy Weinzapfel, she said,"  The friendships I have formed have changed me as a person as my Art tells a bigger defines me at times."    

 Old piece revisited for July's Creative Dare.. Got my grunge on with Tracy Weinzapfel.

I love coffee.. and this was one of the very few times.. I created right along with Tracy.  


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Sunday, July 7, 2013

FIND YOUR VOICE Lesson 2: Who Are YOU? Part 1

My name is Tamiko, known by family and most of my family and friends as Meko/Miko; Meatloafia to my brothers when we were kiddos, lol.  Miss Minnie to my daddy; and Meeko and YO MAMA to my daughter Brook. :-)  I am a 41 year old gemini thats hails from Hillside, IL.  but originally from Chicago, IL.

My favorite colors are hues of purples and blues.  Believe it or not, as much as I LOVE PURPLE.. it's my POWER COLOR... :-) I don't wear it much in clothing.  I will wear it in accessories (earrings, rings, watches,charms, pens, purses, phones, shoes.. you get my drift) .  I also will choose it as a room/car/house color.. lol  Blue.. I will wear.. it's my goto to color.. especially in denim!  I also love black.. I hear it's slimming.. LOL :::pulling stomach in as I type::  I am not a big reader unless FB/TWITTER/BLOGS/AOL/COOKING and CRAFT MAGS count.. ::grinning like I got dimples to show::  if they don't.. original statement stands..  My hobbies would include anything social media; arts and crafts of every freaking kind; computers.. and to be honest.. computers started this all!! and my music- I love music.. as a matter of fact I am missing the Chosen Few Deep House Picnic.  Speaking of music.. I need to make a playlist to add to my blog.. I think that will be part of my lesson 2.. in place of something else I'm suppose to do. :-)  My favorite foods.. while they may not be the best for me in ample amounts.. dark chocolate.. and coffee would be at the head of the list!!  I could talk about the pleasure that comes from eating those.. forever!  Combine them? It's HEAVEN on EARTH!! :-)  I also enjoy a good steak.. I could never be a vegan.. I love meat.. and potatoes.. but I am learning potatoes are not my friend.. ::big overly dramatic sigh and moment of silence inserted here::: lol I love seafood as well..but nothing SLIMY in TEXTURE!!  My favorite holiday for a very long time has always been Christmas.. Especially after I had my daughter, but my dad died on Christmas.. and it's had a lil gray cloud over the day's activities for me every since.  My daughter doesn't understand or know.. So I try to enjoy the day.. despite the want to sometimes just crawl in bed and feel sad.. Anywho.. Dad wouldn't want that for his granddaughter.. so I suck it up.. and try to have a better rest of the day.. but the whole season feels a lil tainted for me and filled with sadness till I do some crafting.. or something.. for someone else. My favorite kinds of music would be deep house, disco, r&b, hip hop, carribean/reggae, jazz and  lil light country (yes... there is such a thing as light country.. its my term and I'm sticking to it!!)

My best accomplishment would be living.. :-)  I say that now with a smile.. but believe me.. for a while.. I wasn't very sure.  I received a pacemaker in September on 2012 on my mother's birthday.  No one saw this coming.  Apparently I have some genetic heart disease that went undetected for 40 years that could have been fatal. So again.. not ignoring my health and going to the doctor and choosing to live makes that one of my biggest accomplishments. The worst day I encountered was not being able to attend my father's funeral service.  I was only 50 feet away, but my daughter, who has autism.. didn't like the crowd of people gathering or their loudness.  So we forced into the dark limo early.. where I sat and held her close and thought of my dad.  I thought of a bunch of things.. but I won't go there..My longest trip my car.. was to Niagara Falls, NY.  We did the US and the Canadian side.  Liked it so much we did it two summers in a row!  By plane the longest trip was Los Angeles, CA.  Furtherst I have ever been from home is when  lived in Brooklyn, NY for a about three months. My smartest topic is not for this blog, which is rated, my mama may one day read it.. my funniest quirk.. is not liking the juices of my foods to mix on my plate.. lol   Anyway, more about me ... later...

Saturday, June 29, 2013


 In the above picture instead of five photos.. I focused on 5 things I needed to begin the process of starting my Follow Your Voice *challenge*.  You will see a pencil.. I am sure that while writing I will make plenty of mistakes (smile). My Lesson- I know I will refer to it constantly throughout the week! My Pitt pens/plain papermate for doodling,  haha as you see I have already begun doing some on my lesson! My camera for taking pictures (might be my trusty Kodak.. or my HTC cell phone.. :-) and Last my MP3 player.. whenevr I feel blocked.. I will put my buds in my ears.. and unplug my mind!!  That's my story and I am sticking to it!!.. Thanks for coming on this adventure with me!!

What is Storytelling to me? What stories do I want to tell?  
To me, storytelling is the ability to capture an audience with true or make believe dynamics of some sort. Whether it be with groups of words and sentences; pictures or pieces or art; movements as in a dance; notes in a song.. The stories I would like to tell would be of childhood and adult memories, some good, some bad.. some lessons well learned.. some adventures with friends.. lol  my daughter.. my craft..   I could tell a goo-gob stories.. and no one would tell them from my perspective.. like I could.. :-)

Who are you? Use this space to describe yourself...
 :-) I am Tamiko in japanese it means a beautiful child/flower.. I am Mother of one, Daughter, Sister, Friend to many, an exWife, Lover, Starving Artist (not in the nutritional sense, but in the thirst for knowledge and desire for technique and artistry, :-))  I love deep. I am passionate about things I care about.. and I care about a lot of things.. and money isn't one.  I am motivated by enlightenment.. if that makes sense.. so I feel like I will forever evolve! I am a purple, chocolate, and coffee lover!!  I am a WSL and Pacemaker Recipient!  I am unsure, unknowing, KIND, Fair, Spiritual, Strong, Weak, MEAN, Sarcastic and probably some other things.. lol.. :-)

What are your storytelling goals? 
How do they fit in with the rest of your creative & life goals?
My Story telling goals will help me to communicate my purpose.  I am transforming and with these changes  I will need to be able talk to people and explain the impact of having had WLS, a pacemaker, losing over 100lbs, having a child with autism, my art and crafts and how things have affected /sustained me during these times.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Powerful Truths!

I like this page because I used a bunch of POWERFUL TRUTHs to create it..  What are powerful truths? To me they can be different for the individual.  For me, they are strong beliefs, things I abide by day to day.. Things I hear.. that make me want to say Amen because they move me spiritually/morally/internally (for a lack of better wording).. lol  Almost like how some folks hear verses in the bible and scream Amen. :-)

Anyway.. again.. it was fun..  I have a bazillion more I could write down.. but these came to mind first...

New Challenge.. Story Writing..

I guess this blog will become more active. not with just my cards.. or my journaling.  Thanks to my friends over at Mixed Media Mondays. Sandee, Leslie, and Susan.. We will all be taking part in the Summer Find Your Voice Story Telling Workshop!  Sounds cool right?  Sounds mad cool to me!  Starts June 24th, that's tomorrow!

Anyway, will update and share as I learn more!!


Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Ian!!
(that's my baby Brother, never know when he is reading)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June's Creative Dare

June's Creative DARE......I DARE YOU to Create

Junes Creative Dare is about Powerful Truths.. Lord knows I have a bunch of those.. :-)  So I just took one of the ones I believe in and animated it a little bit I guess.    It reads.. Good things comes to those that believe.. Better things come to those that are patient and the BEST things come to those that Don't Give Up..    So in whatever you do.. as long as you aren't hurting anyone... and this is something you really want to succeed in.. KEEP on KEEPING ON!! Don't let anyone tell you different! :-) 

I think I also enjoyed this post because  got a chance to use a lot of birthday goodies.. Faber Castell Pitt Pens & Gelatos, watercolor crayons, charcoal pencils, Heidi Swap Stencils and a few Tombows Markers:-) 

Here is Tracy Weinzapfel's Creative Dare for June that she created LIVE on June 3, 2013 and shared HERE:

 It is easy to submit!  Just upload your layouts below "ADD YOUR LINK"!  If you do not have a blog to link to don't worry!  You can still upload to Flicker HEREand link from there too!  She DAREs you to get creative and to work outside your comfort zones....
The official sponsor for this month........Genuinely Jane Studios.  Has many fun products!!
Janeplease stop by and like them on Facebook: and let them know Tracy Weinzapfel Sent you!  
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