Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing Catch Up!

Wow ...

Can't Believe I let the whole month of August go by without posting to my blog.  For that.. I am sorry.. I will do better.  The month of September we are to post our house..  and in our house we should list some of the things we are willing to let into our house...   The first one I started on  I started with grids.. I started doing grids with Tammy Garcia over at www.daisyyellowart.com/ doing ICADs (index cards a day)  the BEST WORKSHOP ever.. I know for the rest of my life creating everyday whether it be.. on  a card.. on a napkin.. in a sock.. on a shoe.. on a hemline.. on a pocket..  in a pocket.. no matter how small.. no matter where.. no matter with what mediums.. create everyday.. and if you can.. make a mental picture.. or a physical one.. lol  Thank you Tammy.. <3 p="">

The second picture is my first attemp to use my gelli prints as  background on canvas board.. 

and as always..  Thanks for stopping by.. :-)


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  1. I agree, whatever, wherever, spread a little art, a little cheer, and it's an instant feel good! It's a release, it's a feel good, don't forget to do it! Thanks for stopping by my blog.