Thursday, November 3, 2016

Journal Letters..

This month was the first month I was able to be in my first journal letter swap. Its with a wonderful group of ladies on Facebook.  The only allow members in once a month.  Once you are in, you are truly able to experience their spirit.  The idea is to make a signature that starts from a 8x8 piece of paper.  You add four additional sheets and you can stitch or staple it together. You are on the cover and the inside cover pages.  The last page is an address list of the participants, that way you are never without a list and you always know who is next!  This is the book I sent, all my partners are in Australia, which means 2 weeks for them to receive by post.  If you would like detailed information on the journaling letter group, leave me a message below and I will contact you with more information!  Thanks for reading!!! 


November 2nd, 2016.. Game 7 against the CLE Indians.. in CLE. 10 innings..
winning the series 4 to 3 CHI

This is one win I am so happy to say I witnessed in my lifetime.  Let's get one thing straight.  I am a CHICAGO Sports fan, but the CHICAGO CUBS are my babies!  I have so many vivid memories of watching baseball with my grandma as a youth,  Her, sitting in her corner of the couch, with a half glass of Jewel's generic rootbeer, (lol) and me with my leftovers from my lunch (smile).  Or Saturdays green's smelling up the kitchen while watching an afternoon game. Ha..  I even remember getting a bonus question right in the elementary school Academic Olympics, answering a question about the cubs.  I couldn't believe the boys didn't know!  Anywho.. I am happy for my Cubbies.. my fellow Chicagoans and other Cubs fans across the globe.. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NOVEMBER Challenges, I am taking...

Great  gratitude challenge collaboration from the awesome Julie Jordan Scott (5 for 5 brain dump) and Rachél Payne (Creativity Tribe).  The challenge can be done on FB, Instagram or Periscope.  These ladies don't believe in a right or wrong way to do this challenge. You have the right to use your artistic license to determine how you wish to express the prompts. On Twitter and Instagram checkout/search #gr8fullCre8ives


Then we have the Art Every Day Month Challenge, by Leah Piken Kolidas. Also done the month of  November. Very loose instructions for  this exercise. You don't have complete a piece of art daily, You just have to make time for art/creative every day. There is a link to register your web page or instagram; you can also share in FB/Flickr group.