Thursday, November 3, 2016


November 2nd, 2016.. Game 7 against the CLE Indians.. in CLE. 10 innings..
winning the series 4 to 3 CHI

This is one win I am so happy to say I witnessed in my lifetime.  Let's get one thing straight.  I am a CHICAGO Sports fan, but the CHICAGO CUBS are my babies!  I have so many vivid memories of watching baseball with my grandma as a youth,  Her, sitting in her corner of the couch, with a half glass of Jewel's generic rootbeer, (lol) and me with my leftovers from my lunch (smile).  Or Saturdays green's smelling up the kitchen while watching an afternoon game. Ha..  I even remember getting a bonus question right in the elementary school Academic Olympics, answering a question about the cubs.  I couldn't believe the boys didn't know!  Anywho.. I am happy for my Cubbies.. my fellow Chicagoans and other Cubs fans across the globe.. :)

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  1. One thing I am not is a sports fan. I guess because I moved so much and never had roots in any city or state, it was hard to become a real fan of any team. Like a true artist, I usually root for the team with the best color combination uniforms...LOL Glad your team won!