Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Challenge Page 2- Love Can heal the World

Created this second page after playing with my neon acrylic paints on the previous one.  This page was constructed using my Dylusions spray inks.  I have no idea how to use these inks.. but somehow this page works for me.  I used a magazine image to mask the woman before spraying, then I painted her and used my pen to doodle on top and add some details.  I added a border, and stencils a lil bit and doodled on top of it as well.  Drew a border and loosely scribbled my lettering on the page while I played the song in my ears.  Was indeed feeling the music and the message!  Love can HEAL the WORLD!

As I stated above I used my Dylusiond Spray Inks, DecoArt Americana Black Satin Acrylic and white paint pen, White Sharpie and White Signo Unibal gel pen.

Thanks for looking...

I am just a fool.. nope I'm just a fool.. April Challenge

This was a art journal page I did for Tracy Weinzapfel's April Mixed Media Challenge.  We were suppose to take the words to a song.. I don't think this was the song people expected to see.. but periodically I am reminded how much time and energy I invested in someone only to not have it work out..   I'm not mad.. and I love the song. I can get lost in it but it is a lesson well learned!

Just a quickie post.. I used a bunch of my favorite Deco Art Acrylic neon  and black satin paints and white paint pen, Faber Castell Pitt pens and Uniball Signo white gel pen.  Love my doodle pens!!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

EGGzackly DecoArt NEONs ... for Easter!

Hey guys.. I originally saw this idea on old blog post years ago so I can't give credit to the original person I saw do it :(  I have since tried it a few times, but never blogged about it.. or used my neon paints.  Although Easter has come and gone.. We all use pinterest and I plan on pinning this! :)

My supplies began with DecoArt Americana Acrylic Neons..
Uh like I would try this.. while I am sick.. with any other paint?
There is also an orange and a red but these were the colors I grabbed.  I also grabbed my most fave black pens that allow me to write on all my mixed media surfaces, Sakura Identi Pen, Faber Castell Pitt pen and forever faithful DecoArt Acrylic paint pen.

Boil some eggs!  I usually got for the quick dozen and store them right back in the container from where they came!  Grab the aluminum foil too.. Yes aluminum foil..  Enough for each color of paint and double it if you have cheapy foil like I did! (big HA-HA)  Hey I use neon acrylics.. why would you be suprised to see aluminum foil?  I {heart} mixed media!  lol

I also like to keep baby wipes nearby, not just because I have a cold and it feels good on my nose!!  I also apply.. well you will see shortyl!!

Take the foil and scrunch it up.. come.. scrunch it!!

Then open it up.. and spread it out.. :) 

Then take some paint of your choosing and place it on the baby wipe and blot if all over the foil!!  Yes blot it.. BLOT IT REAL GOOD!! :)  Oh.. blot it kinda thin like though, because if you apply in areas too thickly it will make your speckles like paint rub or more like you applied it directly to the egg!

Place the egg in the foil and crinkle the foil around the egg again, open and repeat, till you have covered it enough and then place it in the carton cradled above the opening to air dry before repeating the process again, if you like.. with the next color...

I of course wanted more colors.. one color? nah not me!

See how they came out?  See how I also kinda cradled them above the egg carton slot.. Mainly so the paint wouldn't just puddle up in the bottom like they did when I use to dip and dye eggs. The air kinda gets a chance to whirl around the eggs and dry it.. rather quickly too!  Especially when the paint is thinly coated!  The colors are ALWAYS VIBRANT.. Hence my love for NEONS!!

Here are some closer shots!

I like them!  Hoping Brook does too.. Since she isn't into coloring eggs.. but she likes to see artsy things!

They need more.. I thought at first.. I would NOT go further.. but since Brook does read.. I decided to put some inspirational words on them and a message for her on a few!

I think she will like this one the most!!

Thank you for visiting & hope my pictures were helpful..
Late for Easter 2014.. on time for NEXT Year!!.. lol

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paper Beads for my Inspiration Station.. Jennibellie Inspired :)

Decided I was going to make some paper beads.. like the ones I saw in Jennibellie's Inspiration station.  I was going to use some of my favorite papers , in my favorite colors first..  Then i just started picking all kinds of papers I liked.. and after a little bit.. I had a small collection.. The glue I used was Helmar's Tacky  Glue and Ranger's Glossy Accents.  :)

Check them out..

Got a lot of inspiration from this Jennibellie's YouTube video here..

You can start out making these beads with a toothpick or skewers to roll your papers on.. but I later bought a bead roller from JustJennDesignz here.  

Thanks for looking and have fun making those beads!!

Brooks Birthday Card.. not too much.. but Brook

This is just a Birthday card I made for my daughter's 9th birthday.  Her name is Brook.  She could actually care less about the card.. but she likes things that move.. so I used a wobble to add dimension and movement to my stamped image by Art Impression Stamp Company.  I could never get tired of using their stamps!!  They make me smile.. each and every time!!  I also decided to use construct a four drawer easel card I found here, on YouTube, from LiveLoveScrap.  Decided I wanted to use my own lettering instead of a stamp, and thanks to Sunday's with Sandee and Joanne Sharpe's book, The Art of Whimsical Lettering,  that you can pick up here at Frosted Designs... I think I pulled it altogether with additional help from Helmar's glue, Prima flowers, and Shoebox papers.. :)

I choose to dance, because she is forever dancing and that's one of her favorite poses.. lol  She also likes Dancing with the Stars.  Neither of us dance because we are wonderful at it, but we do, do it.. because it makes us happy.  My daughter also has a thing for sunglasses, in the drawers.. I put small pieces of chocolates for her to enjoy at her leisure.  Any who.. thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April is.. Autism Awareness...

Each April I want to do something for Autism Awareness.  Nothing big.. mainly because I cannot obligate time,  I am never sure just how much I will have.  This year.. I asked some of my friends over in our FB group Mixing Up Everyday to join me by filling news feed on FB on April 2, Light It Up Blue , International Autism Awareness Day, with post.  Not ONLY did they create Lovely MIXED MEDIA pages, some of them also changed their profile pictures in support!  I am so grateful for my family and friends!  They allow me to be me and bring Brook along my artistic journey!  Very thankful for that!  This is my autism awareness page...

 I am home everyday and I have a daughter with autism.  She is now 9 years old.  She has many delays and things I even consider as acts of stubbornisms (yeah, not a word.. but it is today.. and as long as you know what I mean.. it's now a word!  LOL)  Anywho.. back to her.  Dealing with her is more than a handful at times, so I am glad I am allowed to be home with her, right now.  Not every child with autism is the same, so if you have dealt with one.. you really have.. only dealt with one!  You can't read a book and become an expert on the topic, but you can be enlightened and perhaps even open to the differences that makes us all individuals and remember that they apply  to people with different abilities as well..  You know.. For everything I think of that my daughter cannot do as your average 9 year old, I can think of 5 things that she is interested in or can do that some kids might not even consider.  Our days are not always easy breezy but they are always forever learning.  Sometimes I find myself staring at her and just in awe of the things that she chooses to entertain herself with.  Sometimes she will take over 200 photos in a day.. go back edit them; draw over them and add graphics.. Mind you, NO ONE in my household does this.. she taught herself.  She taught herself on a nintendo dsi.. and on the pc.. She will blend the sound of a Youtube video on one screen and the picture of another video to form another video and record it on another piece of equipment, no one taught her that.. but she loves to do it and finds COMPLETE JOY in it! She watches her programs in four different languages, two I recognize as Spanish and German, she also tries to use sign language..  She is amazing and frustrating and she is loved.. just as she is... Can I better.. I am sure I can.. she is my one and ONLY as I learn more.. I will do more, my priorities are keeping her safe, happy, healthy and productive.

Anyway.. Again as always.. thanks for your time...