Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 31- #90daysofblogging

Today I told Brook to give me 5 minutes to blog.. She doesn't understand the wording, but she understands seeing a timer.  So today right now.. I am working against the clock.  Whatever goes down here will be here and whatever is NOT will not be.. ::laughs::: I know we did not set any big expectations on how long a blog post needed to be.. and luckily I can type decent enough speed to get something down.. Anyway.. this my life.. as the parent of a child with autism.. We make improvises daily.. to get it done. ::have a great day.. I'm out!! LOL

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 30- #90daysofblogging

Last week I received my surprise winnings in the mail from Walnut Hallow. They sent me a Bass Wood Country Round  which was very beautiful and rustic.  I have never done art on a piece such as this.  Looking forward to finding great project to create with it!!.. The other piece I received was a Rustic Pallet Tray.. It is also a beautiful piece to play with...  I am a bit confused why the slabs are not places tighter and there is an opening.  Guess I will research that and conjure something up to use in house.. hopefully in my art area :)   or maybe some type of table top garden for my patio table?

Thanks to Walnut Hallow's Janice and Hydrangea Hippo's Jennifer for getting my pieces to me and for being forever so awesome.. :)

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 29- #90daysofblogging

My friend Sandee has been doing nature post and she is really good at getting the names to not just the flowers but also plants.  Sandee and Donna both have water streaming near their homes and they walk the wooded area near by.  They have shared the many a bloom and plenty of greens ::chuckles::

While I would be happiest in a concrete jungle (what I call the city)  I too will share a few of the things that are growing in my front and back yards.. ::hearty laughs::  I have been in this house over seven years and  I have never planted a flower.  The gentlemen who cut our grass..  clean the yard and cut the bushes when needed.. I am very thankful for them!!

1. Sedum (not sure what kind)

  1. a widely distributed fleshy-leaved plant with small star-shaped 
  2. yellow, pink, or white flowers, grown as an ornamental.

2. Clematis (brilliantly purple) It's actually my neighbors but it's on the line 
dividing our homes and I love the deeeeep purple bloom

  1. a climbing plant of the buttercup family that bears white, pink, or purple flowers and 
  2. feathery seeds. Several kinds are cultivated as ornamentals.

3. Hosta
  1. an eastern Asian plant cultivated in the West for its shade-tolerant foliage and 
  2. loose clusters of tubular mauve or white flowers.

The above are just a few of the plants in my front yard.  Apparently none of them require watering from us, or sun light on a regular basis.  We live on the more shady side of the street.  Or so it seems whenever I go out to take pictures.  I will learn more and appreciate the knowledge Sandee shared here :) Thanks again!!  Chocolate on the way! :) 

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 28- #90daysofblogging

Today I am using Deco Art's Media Line Matte Medium to add some printed napkin to my notebook insert for my a Dori bles.. 

first I scrunched up the napkin I used for my cover and pushed it to the side.
Then I took off the lid of my DecoArt Media Matte Medium.  Why mate medium you may ask?  Well I think I want to leave the option of adding additional paints to the surface and to me, the matte medium is better than decoupage for this purpose.  

Then I took my dry brush and slathered matte medium on the surface.  I do not need it to be a thin coat because my tissue papers have been squished  and scrunched.  The thickness of the matte medium will allow for gripping and greater under coverage.

Here I place the napkin on the cover, trying not to get all the wrinkles out.  
I want a textured cover.  This technique will allow so.

Then I place another layer of matte medium over the napkin.  This second layer will allow for allow a base for other mediums.  Not sure if I will add more.  this here is busy enough for me.. ::chuckles:: 

Added the  Deco Art Andy Skinner Stencil with Media line glack gesso..  Not my favorite look..  Added some bubble gum pink dylusions paint along the edges..  So that's two books in my A Dori Bles.. I need one to write in and use for a calender...  and some pockets for collage and napkin art.. and and and.. :)  It's beautiful.. soon to be full of lovely arty pages!!

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Day 27- #90daysofblogging

Yesterday was an awesome mail day!  I received an awesome a dori bles from Johnna of the ScrappyCamperSisters!  Click here to see other A DORI BLES.  This is mine...


That's Shades of purples and blues and gray.

The insides looks like this..

just gray and white. 

I think it's totally awesome...cost around $17 with shipping.  The A Dori Bles is fabric and there is an interface between the material, which aids in making the cover less floppy, but it doesn't lose its flexibility.  It also has a writing /tool clip that is stetchy for thicker items and snug enough for regular pens like my Sakura Indentipen or even a pencil.  I don't own an actual Midori which primarily comes in black or brown leather.  But having this faux midori in the colors I love is Just as awesome if not more!  The colors make me happy.  Inside it I have 2 of the insert booklets that Vicki Ann aka Sandy Beach which are fabulous and contain a texture water color paper that is indeed durable.  I will add another insert, a file folder pocket and another band.  Either way having this one will let me know if I want or need to have anything more.  I also got something else in the mail.. but will show that in another post.. :)  

If you decide to buy one.. tell Johnna.. I sent you

Another thing I should mention, that is also important, is that the proceeds made from these is going towards help Johnna go to go abroad and help folks.  I think her stop is Peru.. I will update with info as I learn more.  I have been unable to locate a post to back up some of the information i think to be true.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 26- #90daysofblogging

I have had a very very busy day trying to keep up with all the blog posts and writing.  If I thought I wasn't a writer I have been lieing to myself for years.  I have typed and responded to emails and written letters asking for things.  I have read and read and consistently typed since 7am.  I need to no longer work today!!  Especially since it all for free.

now my tummy feels yucky...

I think I am done.  although I have to do a blog post that's due in the morning.  So not done, but indeed done for a little while.  This post needs to be posted too and I have no picture to add.. Oh wait yes I do, but is it relevant? (NOPE)

talk to you guys soon
picture borrowed from google images of 1800flowers  aren't they pretty?

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Day 25- #90daysofblogging

This picture was obtained from pinterest from a site here

This is a very good work that shows you just some of what knowing the skill of tatting can help you create.

Today while I was updating some of my previous unpublished blog posts, I was listening to the talents of  JO of StarzArt on  Jo was tatting.   What is tatting you might ask?


a kind of knotted lace made by hand with a small shuttle, used chiefly for trimming.
the process of tatting.

She makes beautiful handmade doilies/motifs.  Very delicate in appearance, but probably much sturdier then they look. Apparently after a little more research, tatting has been around over 200 years.  It has often be traced back to netting  and decorative ropework found amongst sailors and fisherman used commonly as gifted motifs.  Jo was asked what influenced her to start tatting and she said she remembered being in pharmacy school and there was another person who tatted while listening to lectures,  She was so engaged in their workings/projects she had to make herself NOT watch them to concentrate on the professor/speaker.  She was also asked where were good places to learn tatting and she recommended YouTube.  ::smiles::  You really can learn how to do so much on youtube!  Jo had me laughing because as she knew she had many beginners following what she was doing and we were all multi tasking, but listening.. She would go.. Hey and this is the FUN PART you Gotta see.. ::chuckles::  so of course I stopped what I was doing to go back and see the FUN parts.  I know it would be more fun if I had the tools to try to learn while she was showing us things.. and it would be even more fun if I knew the terminology.  So I decided to be more of an educated crafter (which is what I am.. ::hearty laugh:: )  I like to research things I don't understand, especially those things that are arts and craft oriented.
This is one video that I found that I felt did a good job of explaining some of the terminology used.

and another

Anywho.. time to get going and looking to see how expensive tatting tools are,.  I never know when you wanna sit down and learn something new.  Helps when I have already been researching about the new thing.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 24- #90daysofblogging

Today I did the cover on a Vicki Dori insert/journaling book I received from Sandy Beach.. aka Vicki Ann.  While I could have created this book myself and she reminds me of it constantly ::laughs::  I love the paper she uses.  It's a brand we don't carry here in the US.

I covered the outside in a napkin using Deco Art's Media Line Matte Medium (which is smooth like butter)  I still screwed up and drew my face and wrote hello on the journal.. upside down.. ::big ole hearty laugh:: the words were paint in Dylusions paints and the face was created with Dylusions paints and neocolor 2.   More to come..

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Day 23- #90daysofblogging

Not sure I feel the need to always have a picture with my blog posts besides the fact that it's easier to share and more likely to be seen, even if 95% of you don't comment. :)  I appreciate your visits.

With that being said...

Here is a picture of some file folders that I painted over.  I was playing around with few stencils that were close by and some Dylusions paint.  I do notice that when you use the dylusions paints on  a untreated surface (no gesso) and blend with a baby wipe..   The the color is softer but does not spread as much unless you have mega paint down.  If you use the paints with gesso the colors moves more and it's more intense.  I like using less so I can keep the paint's longer.

To be honest..
The colors of the Dylusions paints are awesome.. but I was excited for a long time.  It took three and a half months to get 9 of the 10 paints I ordered. There are 12 in total. The thrill is gone.  Outside of them being the colors I love and need them to be.. they are JUST PAINT.  They don't do anything special.. :)  I probably will NOT repalce more three or four colors of them when they are gone.

I use some the Andy Skinner Stencils and Americana ones from of Deco Art Stencils and a The Crafters Workshop one on these... 

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 22- #90daysofblogging

I thought I was going to get a chance to go out.  It didn't happen. So I have just been home playing around with some projects I wanted to try.  Tonight I finally got a chance to do a paint over.  What's a paint over?  A paint over is the technique I call when I do face matching and paints over magazine images.  I am not a portrait painter.  I seem to screw things up most once I add color.  My drawing needs work too, but I practice drawing a lot more then I practice coloring.

I took an large face from a magazine I have been holding on to for a very long time, a few months at least.  I think i got it from a GQ magazine I got from the library.  Once a year the library gives away some magazines to make room for the next year. Ha.. that means I have had these images 5 months!!  See how times flies?  Anyway my intent was to take the picture.. do the shadows in dark then color over and recreate what I see.  I don't use outright flesh tones.  So for this image I used Deco Art's Media Line matte medium to adhere face to 140lb wc paper.  Then I did my dark areas is Americana Black Tuxedo Acrylic.  I mixed my tinting base, dairylide yellow and naphthol red light until I got the flesh tone I wanted.  Used cotton ball and black tuxedo to recreate hair and face stubble.

Had fun, wish I had more photos to share.  This is my final picture although I think i may tweak it a little more before adding it to a pocket letter. :)  I set up 7 more portraits to paint over.  We will see how those go and I will post them.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 21- #90daysofbloggin

What elese does one talk about when you are not crafting?
Beisdes Crafting? Pinterest? Facebook?


 (pic from google search)

Instagram is fun and to the point. I don't have to talk to you, humor you or keep you engaged on my post.  You can just post pics from your mobile device and hope someone finds you to like your pictures.. or not.  I find that when you use hashtags (#) and a topic or keyword you will find a whole nother community of followers. Just the same as if you were looking for things to see.. you could search for #mixedmedia for example and find a crapload of items.  From there you too can like, comment and follow folks.

When you post pics, if you want them to be seen by anyone other than your circle of friends who are always seem to be on every social media site you use (for support of course). If you #(insert keywords here), when you post pics, try using some that actually describe the item you are posting.  A slice of chocolate cake could easily be hashtagged #cake #slice #chocolate #dessert, #homemade #storename etc.    As you post those items in descriptions, you could also click on them to see how many others are using the same hashtag ref.  If you only see a limited amount.. or ONLY your posts.. then its very likely not to be popularly found by those keyword(s) by the public too often,

Look at the work of popular folks in your subject area to see what keywords they use as hashtags.  Feel free to use them too if they are used by many.  See things you like? Want to share them on your IG profile as well?  Download Instagram Repost App.  It's awesome because it free and gives credit to the original poster (one less tep for you).

(pic from google images)

While IG is mostly a free application primarily used by mobile devices like phones and tablets. There are a few programs that you can buy (not very expensive) that allow you to upload from pcs and laptops!  There are several videos on Youtube supporting the programs and explaining how they are used.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 20- #90daysofblogging

Happy Wednesday.

I had so much more energy seven hours ago.  Right now I am listening to Joyce the Frugal Eclectic laugh.  She has one of the best laughs,  I love it when she says Oh My giggles!

I am also looking for a horizontal arm for a tripod.  The most inxpensive one as possible. I saw a nice cool set up by Shannon Green, so at least I know something I can look for.  Frankly all costs a lil but more than I am willing to spend right now. Anyway, this post also won't be long as I am totally sleepy.  Maybe when I wake up I will fee like doing some art.. or writing.

I always have crafts/things to do.
4 water color ATCs due 5/26
3 DT project due next week..
     AG due Wed 5/27,
      Helmar is Fri, 5/29;  and
      SCS on Fri 5/29..  (hmm thats NOT my FRIDAY afterall)

Anyway, I need a nap!  Talk with you soon...

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 19- #90daysofblogging

I love pinterest.

On pinterest I have 216 boards, 8,097 pins, 1,999 likes, 860 followers and 471 following.

I would love to hit 10k pins before the end of June.  I have been neglecting my boards and it's just not fair! ::laughs::   I learn, see and get inspired by the things on pinterest so much.  I add things I find to share with those who actually use the boards like I do.

I plan to use some of these things and create idea books based on some of things I am interested in. My pinterest board is just a big ole table of contents for me to play with and add things to.  I pin things from Autism awareness to words/quotes/typography.  I  create list like books I want to read or have read and want to purchase.  I created a board with all the craft supplies I want and don't have and I am interest in.. I am an easy person to gift, for my family, but they don't take advantage of it. ::giggles::

PINNING is WINNING.. There is so much inspiration and things to dream about there. If you like pinterest and the inspiration you gather from it is awesome.. Let me HEAR YA and FOLLOW ya.. Woot Woot!!  ::laughs loudly::

My pinterest name is MiSS  MeKO and you can see my boards here.. ::smiles::

Thanks for stopping by.. I need to go PINNING to WIN!!

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Day 18- #90daysofblogging

Hey folks.
Still working on beads.. also sleeping a lot today.. must be tired.
I love the Deco Art Triple Thick.. I think I said that already.

I have honestly spent over 20 hours creating, glazing and reglazing previously made beads.  I love how these shine so much more with Deco Art Triple Thick glaze. Ha I said it again.

(a whole day later)

Ok.. I'm done with the beads and forgot to post before midnight!
Gonna play more with my Dylusions Paints.  The come in really cool bright  colors.  I have all but 3.  One is on backorder (the blue shade)  And I decided not to get the black and white.  I felt my Deco Art paints were sufficient.  I will say that the color is cooler and dries wayyy quicker when you apply with a babywipe and spread it.  When you gesso before using it.. the color hs more pigment and appears even richer.  Either way is awesome.. depends moreso on what you like.  I like color, so  both works for me.  The convenience of the quick dry after applying with baby wipes appeals most.


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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 17- #90daysofblogging

Well today is Sunday and I'm typing from my cell.. Hmmm.. Not sure how I feel about that, but it is what it is.. ::smiles::  I have been stamping butterflies with a set from Sin City Stamps and using Colour Arte to add some umpf!

I am also in the process of creating more and more paper beads ans glazing them with Deco Art's Triple Thick.  The glaze is exactly as described :::shakes head vigorously:::  I even so 2 layers on the batch I'm working on today.  Let me show you a few I have glazed.  Not the best pictures.. :(

Can't wait to so this again with my very own painted papers.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 16- #90daysofblogging

Today is Saturday and I have no idea what I want to blog about, so I will just chat, jibber jabber or whatever you want to call it. Today is suppose to be about 80 degrees but it is not very sunny.  Maybe I will take it easy and not craft today? HA! I would be bored out of my mind if i didn't do something crafty.  Even cleaning my room, turns into a craft project. ::smiles::  Been thinking a lot about pocket letter's and how they are made. I need to just make a crap load of embellishments. Then we also have boxes and how they are made and decorated; and tags and how they are decorated.  I want to do more of those things.  I only want to do them so I can gift them away.  My family is not really into my bright color palette when it comes to keepsakes.  I can understand that I guess.  I would like to create some Shabby Chic or Girlie grunge type projects in the near.. very very near future.  Things I know I can gift to my family and friends.

Now that I think about it.. I will clean my desk.. well desk #1.  I have been separating my pens and pencils and markers and brushes so it seems for the last 2 days.. I think I need more small container type thingamabobs to help be divide and label those. (the label is for Brook to read)  Then maybe I will do a few hours of more paper beading.. but I won't talk about that or show you pictures, I have over 70 days of blogging to do.. ::laughs::  And finally I am sure i will do some water colors.  Busy day after all..  Somewhere between it all.. i will shower and wash my hair.. and maybe do a hangout??  Anyway.. gotta go.. TTYS

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 15- #90daysofblogging

This will probably be my shortest post ever!
I have a project posted on the Sin City Stamps blog.

Would love for you to check it out..

Supplies needed:
Sin City Stamps- Jus Us Girls by Terri Sproul
Colour ArteTwinkling H2O (various colors)
Derwent Inktense Water Color Pencils
Water color paper (used 120lb- pad from Michaels)
Sakura Metallic Gel Pens
Koi Water Brush
Pipette-optional (for adding water to my pots)
Ranger Archival Ink Pad
Deco Art Paint Pen
Helmar's Craft & Hobby PVA 
Misc- Unibal Vicion, Water, Scissors, paper trimmer a few beads and sari yarn..

Wouldn't you like to see what I made?

Using this stamp set by Terri

Oh then come on over.  CLICK HERE

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 14- #90daysofblogging

Pocket Letters and Art :)

This month I have chosen to join the new rage over the pocket letters.  I needed to know I could create one!  At least one!  So I joined a swap with the lovely ladies of Ustream!  It made my head hurt!  I was so amazed to see how folks just belted out letters within 30 minutes and sometimes less!
Well when I decided to join the swap, I got Miss Anita.  I didn't know anything about her so I stalked her FB page and saw she liked Carolyn Dube and Joanne Sharpe.  So I kinda felt safe, for 3 minutes! ::laughs:: I never saw any of her art or knew what she liked.  So the headaches started.  Then I heard a little voice say.. just make something that represented you!  I thought HA!!  She might return my mail!  Anyway, and a gazillion Youtubes, Pinterest searches and Ustreams provided by Dede, Johnna and Zandra who are ALL AMAZING at this..  I wound up doing a mixed media PL.  My own art on one side and after a questionaire during a stream asking for the colors folks liked. I learned Miss Anita liked reds and pinks.. ::whew::  I made her pocket letter of which I didn't keep a picture of and I was releved to find out she loved it.. and so did the folks she showed it to.  As with all things.. I plan to do better.  Now if I could munster up the energy to do about 15-20 more!!  :)

I did receive a pocket letter, from Ms Kathy Arbour.  WOW.. I had been a fan of hers for over a year!  Because of this art journal page I saw her post in Limor Webers Group on FB.

Who knew that Cass was Kathy Arbour!!!  Donna and I watched her recording on Ustream one night and I said.. I know this lady!  I recognize her work!!  As we watched her create her partners pocket letter.. I knew it was suppose to be mine.  I watched her put the PL together and listened to her say she knew nothing about me, but she knew enough that she created a perfect one for me.. with my favorite art piece she made.. How freaking COOL was that??

Donna sent me some mail.. she like me.. procrastinates big time.. sometimes. (BUT in her defense.. she always means well) . ::chuckles:: and with her mail she sent me something she was suppose to send in December 2014.. ::laughs loudly::   She also sent a POCKET LETTTTTERRRRRR and a  Donna Patriotic Art Piece.  Donna does know me.. so of course she did the purple and she did all the awesome goodies I'll never use.. because I don't want to destroy my pocket letter!!  She also sent me the sweetest note ::snifflin all over again::  She is indeed one of my besties!! :)   Bet ya want pictures of it all??? :)

by Kathy Arbour

By Donna Donna Beau Bonn

Also by Donna!! :)

Aren't I lucky?

Well I gotta go.. find me coffee.. take some pain meds and watch pocket letter videos.. lol
Have  a great one :)

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