Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 25- #90daysofblogging

This picture was obtained from pinterest from a site here

This is a very good work that shows you just some of what knowing the skill of tatting can help you create.

Today while I was updating some of my previous unpublished blog posts, I was listening to the talents of  JO of StarzArt on Ustream.tv.  Jo was tatting.   What is tatting you might ask?


a kind of knotted lace made by hand with a small shuttle, used chiefly for trimming.
the process of tatting.

She makes beautiful handmade doilies/motifs.  Very delicate in appearance, but probably much sturdier then they look. Apparently after a little more research, tatting has been around over 200 years.  It has often be traced back to netting  and decorative ropework found amongst sailors and fisherman used commonly as gifted motifs.  Jo was asked what influenced her to start tatting and she said she remembered being in pharmacy school and there was another person who tatted while listening to lectures,  She was so engaged in their workings/projects she had to make herself NOT watch them to concentrate on the professor/speaker.  She was also asked where were good places to learn tatting and she recommended YouTube.  ::smiles::  You really can learn how to do so much on youtube!  Jo had me laughing because as she knew she had many beginners following what she was doing and we were all multi tasking, but listening.. She would go.. Hey and this is the FUN PART you Gotta see.. ::chuckles::  so of course I stopped what I was doing to go back and see the FUN parts.  I know it would be more fun if I had the tools to try to learn while she was showing us things.. and it would be even more fun if I knew the terminology.  So I decided to be more of an educated crafter (which is what I am.. ::hearty laugh:: )  I like to research things I don't understand, especially those things that are arts and craft oriented.
This is one video that I found that I felt did a good job of explaining some of the terminology used.

and another

Anywho.. time to get going and looking to see how expensive tatting tools are,.  I never know when you wanna sit down and learn something new.  Helps when I have already been researching about the new thing.

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  1. I know I would never be able to do it but it is beautiful! I love the one where she used beads in it. Must show what you make if you get into it.

  2. I have doilies and 2 HUGE tablecloths that my grandmother tatted, they are my treasures!!