Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 6- #90daysofblogging

I have been on a quest for fibers and ribbons for as long as I can remember.  Not knowing what many of the styles I preferred were called I was often left totally disappointed and using something on my project, that just did not resonate with me.  All my projects for the most part need to have that connection, or I won't like it.  I will feel like it is incomplete.

One plain ribbon I like I can find sometimes is called organza. I like in 5/8 to an  inch.  NO WIRE!! Solid colors only.  It's probably the only one I can find in stores almost anywhere.  The only time I will accept wire is when using it to create bows for our Christmas Tree.
 (picture below was borrowed from google search)

I recently found out one of the colorful ribbons I liked is called Sari Ribbon.  Very colorful.  You could even make your own  version from taking some strips of material you like, in one inch widths or thinner and sew them one to the next.. till you have the desired lengths.  The materials appear to died or colored some kind of way and the color is far from consistent.  I LOVE THAT!  I didn't know where to find this but I recently found a seller on etsy that I am pleased with called Felt Better.  I am sure someone probably sells different variety of fibers and ribbons.. but again I am pleased with hers.
(picture obtained from Felt Better's Etsy store)

The last on my ribbon and fibers conquest list, is my hunt for scrunchy seam binding!! (laughs seriously here)  I need the seam binding that you can ball up and use your spray inks on and it eats the color up annnnnd hold on to the crinkles and wrinkles you made from scrunching it all together!  I need it bad!  I think it adds an organic look to projects.  After consulting with some of the ladies in our FB group- Mixing It Up Every Day.. They came up with a brand called HUG SNUG.. (chuckles)  I will let you know how that goes! :)
(picture from

Thanks again for stopping by!  i appreciate YOU and YOUR TIME!!

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  1. I love the fibers you are buying on Etsy. The seam binding I like also but can't find. So I don't even bother looking. That Hug Snug is expensive!! Good luck on your hunt LOL

  2. This is great I love ribbons . Good luck on your search.

  3. Love ribbons and like you love the organza type.. Thanks for sharing

  4. The Sari ribbon really does look pretty!!!!

  5. I have never heard of Sari ribbon before but it's so bright and beautiful!!! Love the look of the wrinkly crinkle ribbon.....have never found any either. Good luck on your search!

  6. ohhhhh those fibers are awesome. And I want to try the seam binding and krinkle it too. So will be waiting for your testing lol