Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 21- #90daysofbloggin

What elese does one talk about when you are not crafting?
Beisdes Crafting? Pinterest? Facebook?


 (pic from google search)

Instagram is fun and to the point. I don't have to talk to you, humor you or keep you engaged on my post.  You can just post pics from your mobile device and hope someone finds you to like your pictures.. or not.  I find that when you use hashtags (#) and a topic or keyword you will find a whole nother community of followers. Just the same as if you were looking for things to see.. you could search for #mixedmedia for example and find a crapload of items.  From there you too can like, comment and follow folks.

When you post pics, if you want them to be seen by anyone other than your circle of friends who are always seem to be on every social media site you use (for support of course). If you #(insert keywords here), when you post pics, try using some that actually describe the item you are posting.  A slice of chocolate cake could easily be hashtagged #cake #slice #chocolate #dessert, #homemade #storename etc.    As you post those items in descriptions, you could also click on them to see how many others are using the same hashtag ref.  If you only see a limited amount.. or ONLY your posts.. then its very likely not to be popularly found by those keyword(s) by the public too often,

Look at the work of popular folks in your subject area to see what keywords they use as hashtags.  Feel free to use them too if they are used by many.  See things you like? Want to share them on your IG profile as well?  Download Instagram Repost App.  It's awesome because it free and gives credit to the original poster (one less tep for you).

(pic from google images)

While IG is mostly a free application primarily used by mobile devices like phones and tablets. There are a few programs that you can buy (not very expensive) that allow you to upload from pcs and laptops!  There are several videos on Youtube supporting the programs and explaining how they are used.


  1. blah, blah I will never submit! Never I say!!

  2. Good advice!! I learn so much from you, I now understand that hashtag thingy a bit more, LOL

  3. aren't you just the greatest


  4. Instagram is great.. Fabulous tips here for users..