Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 7- #90daysofblogging

Wow I have been blogging for a week huh?  I think I need a lappy.  I could blog daily if I had a lappy!  I also noticed that most of my writing takes place at night?  Probably because it's the only time when I can actually  hear myself think.  Hell I need to hear myself think out loud (sometimes) and type .

I need to paint today.. No idea what, but the paints are calling me and I don't mean water colors!  It's funny I am against watercolors suddenly. They just aren't working for me the way they work for everyone else.  Then again.. they don't need to .. So let me retract that statement,  The sun is out, this post only has a few sentences and I FEEL like a gremlin.. light bright, light bright,  I actually fell asleep typing this post.  That means this will be super short!  Oh btw.. just saw Mikes has the level 2 and 3 canvas 3 for 1.. (sigh)  I need to go to Mikes.. today!!  Before I paint.. so i can paint on CANVAS!

My friend Dana Christiansen is an artist and she sent me the most fabulous post card!  I think I should frame it to protect it. Uh huh yep!  So glad it didn't get torn up in route to me.  I would have been totally upset!  Dana has a youtube channel.  You can find her here.. 

This is the card Dana sent me :)

Isn't it super cool..  I love her.. :)

Anyway, I better go.. I am very tired and this is the longest short post ever written!!

As always I appreciate YOU and YOUR TIME..
There are few others who would also..


  1. You need a lappy and a nappy! Hope the painting rejuvenates you!

  2. Great post LOL I love that card she sent you. Oh and update....I am not wearing black and white stripes! Now go get some sleep.

  3. LOL.....the longest short post I've ever read. I'm sure I'll be here soon as well. Till tomorrow my friend!!

  4. Great card and do hope you got that rest you needed