Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 16- #90daysofblogging

Today is Saturday and I have no idea what I want to blog about, so I will just chat, jibber jabber or whatever you want to call it. Today is suppose to be about 80 degrees but it is not very sunny.  Maybe I will take it easy and not craft today? HA! I would be bored out of my mind if i didn't do something crafty.  Even cleaning my room, turns into a craft project. ::smiles::  Been thinking a lot about pocket letter's and how they are made. I need to just make a crap load of embellishments. Then we also have boxes and how they are made and decorated; and tags and how they are decorated.  I want to do more of those things.  I only want to do them so I can gift them away.  My family is not really into my bright color palette when it comes to keepsakes.  I can understand that I guess.  I would like to create some Shabby Chic or Girlie grunge type projects in the near.. very very near future.  Things I know I can gift to my family and friends.

Now that I think about it.. I will clean my desk.. well desk #1.  I have been separating my pens and pencils and markers and brushes so it seems for the last 2 days.. I think I need more small container type thingamabobs to help be divide and label those. (the label is for Brook to read)  Then maybe I will do a few hours of more paper beading.. but I won't talk about that or show you pictures, I have over 70 days of blogging to do.. ::laughs::  And finally I am sure i will do some water colors.  Busy day after all..  Somewhere between it all.. i will shower and wash my hair.. and maybe do a hangout??  Anyway.. gotta go.. TTYS

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  1. I think the shower and washing your hair is a good thing to add in todays routine, lol I've been out in my garden, and photographed baby bluebirds, now I am off to the Art Mob to work on a collage re-do!

  2. just wanted to applaud you & your well going challenge thus far ( clap clap clap )


    ( more clap clap clap )

  3. LOL, I have been having a hard time thinking of things to blog about also. I did some videos of our town and DUH.......I can't get them to my blog!!! I posted them on FB and should have figured out how to post them to my blog.