Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 14- #90daysofblogging

Pocket Letters and Art :)

This month I have chosen to join the new rage over the pocket letters.  I needed to know I could create one!  At least one!  So I joined a swap with the lovely ladies of Ustream!  It made my head hurt!  I was so amazed to see how folks just belted out letters within 30 minutes and sometimes less!
Well when I decided to join the swap, I got Miss Anita.  I didn't know anything about her so I stalked her FB page and saw she liked Carolyn Dube and Joanne Sharpe.  So I kinda felt safe, for 3 minutes! ::laughs:: I never saw any of her art or knew what she liked.  So the headaches started.  Then I heard a little voice say.. just make something that represented you!  I thought HA!!  She might return my mail!  Anyway, and a gazillion Youtubes, Pinterest searches and Ustreams provided by Dede, Johnna and Zandra who are ALL AMAZING at this..  I wound up doing a mixed media PL.  My own art on one side and after a questionaire during a stream asking for the colors folks liked. I learned Miss Anita liked reds and pinks.. ::whew::  I made her pocket letter of which I didn't keep a picture of and I was releved to find out she loved it.. and so did the folks she showed it to.  As with all things.. I plan to do better.  Now if I could munster up the energy to do about 15-20 more!!  :)

I did receive a pocket letter, from Ms Kathy Arbour.  WOW.. I had been a fan of hers for over a year!  Because of this art journal page I saw her post in Limor Webers Group on FB.

Who knew that Cass was Kathy Arbour!!!  Donna and I watched her recording on Ustream one night and I said.. I know this lady!  I recognize her work!!  As we watched her create her partners pocket letter.. I knew it was suppose to be mine.  I watched her put the PL together and listened to her say she knew nothing about me, but she knew enough that she created a perfect one for me.. with my favorite art piece she made.. How freaking COOL was that??

Donna sent me some mail.. she like me.. procrastinates big time.. sometimes. (BUT in her defense.. she always means well) . ::chuckles:: and with her mail she sent me something she was suppose to send in December 2014.. ::laughs loudly::   She also sent a POCKET LETTTTTERRRRRR and a  Donna Patriotic Art Piece.  Donna does know me.. so of course she did the purple and she did all the awesome goodies I'll never use.. because I don't want to destroy my pocket letter!!  She also sent me the sweetest note ::snifflin all over again::  She is indeed one of my besties!! :)   Bet ya want pictures of it all??? :)

by Kathy Arbour

By Donna Donna Beau Bonn

Also by Donna!! :)

Aren't I lucky?

Well I gotta go.. find me coffee.. take some pain meds and watch pocket letter videos.. lol
Have  a great one :)

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  1. LOL Meko, you kill me. But you were spot on when you said that she was making that pocket letter for you, she did great! It was beautiful and we both watched her do it!!

  2. You have great friends because YOU are a great friend. We are lucky to have YOU in our lives!!