Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 13- #90daysofblogging

Ok.. I wanted to share one more water color thingy that I have been playing with.  My friend Anna is hosting the May Challenge over in our Mixed Media Group on FaceBook called Mixing it Up Every Day. The monthly challenge is to do Doodle Flowers and use water colors as seen here and inspired by  CeeCee Creations .  We are having a bit of fun doing this project.  It was great for Anna to sponsor it for the group.  Winner of the challenge will get Koi Water Colors in a tube  and a Strathesmore Mixed Media journal.  This is a video of the exercise that inspired our flower doodles.

Wish you could join us?  There is still time... :)
Here is some of the doodle flowers I did.. with my neocolors II in this picture.. I did it before in my Kois.. and frankly.. uhhhgggg  ::laughs VERY LOUDLY:::

I think i need to try it some more with my H2Os.. Yep I do!!  :)  and I am looking forward to the playtime!  :)  Have time to check out my girl friends also doing the #90daysofblogging Challenge with me?  You can find their links below:  In the mean time.. if your up to reading.. check out my girls right here.. :)


  1. I still have not looked at the video.. I have been so busy in the garden. I will make time in the next few days to watch it and hope to enter the challenge. Your watercolour flowers look so lovely.

  2. You're doing awesome with this challenge! I tried to do poppies the other day.....what a disaster!! I just posted it to the MIU everyday FB group.....I'm going to take my watercolors to the cabin with me.....I'll get it yet!! I love yours Tamiko. <3

  3. I hope to work on mine this weekend, I am getting behind....again! lol

  4. Love what you are doing and saying.. sorry don't catch everyday but have dropped by this morn Love the girly stamps of a few days ago.... You know you are an excellent enabler, don't you?