Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 4- #90daysofblogging

Hey folks...

Now this is a conversation, or better yet.. shared thought.. I have had with myself.. ONLY after I read or listen to someone go deep about their process and why they produce.  I constantly hear.. that there is some deep philosophical soul searching reason as to why people art.  Artist are emotional and genuinely create according to how they feel.  We use colors that correlate with those emotions.  I wish I had someone to sit and analyze my color palette. Enlighten me as to why I create the things I do.  The ONLY time my art has a story, is when I do, what I call, my water color Brook series.  They are images of my daughter and how I see her.  I stare her her daily.. sometimes it seems like for hours at a time.  When I am not staring at her.  I am listening to her.  I don't make a lot of water color cards, nor do I make my Brook my subject in all my art.  ::shrugs::  I like to work in neons and anything bright which might make one think I have lots of energy and that I reflect the color palette I use.  I don't.  The brightest things I wear are purple gem stones usually embedded by onyx or marcasites or the occasional moonstone in the form of a ring or earrings.  I'm almost always in blue, gray or black. Sometimes I wonder if I am color blind sub- consciously. ::chuckles:: 

It makes me feel like maybe I am not where I am suppose to be in my art.  I don't anticipate my art to suddenly have some disclosed story or phenomenon as to why I design/create as I do.  I was listening to the woman tonight from Dirty Foot Prints Studio's Connie Solera. It was the first time I heard someone say what I feel when I create.  I put colors on a page because the energy draws me to do so.  I smiled because she did this hand hovering thing over her journal page.. That's how I create.

On a happier note.. my birthday is on one month!  I decided I want a purple sweet potato cake!  Stop scrunching your noses!!  We are gonna get the potatoes and try cupcakes first.. :)  That way if it doesn't work I can request my carrot cake or sweet potato cupcakes!!  Also thinking bout a giveaway to build my FB Art page up.. hmmm..  I don't know!!

As always I bid you peace love and SOULLLLLL!!  Thank you for coming by I appreciate YOU and your time!!

Feel like seeing what's going on with those other ladies??? :)  
The link is below!!


  1. WOW, just....WOW......woman, you should be a writer!!!!! Ok, now that I am back, sweet potato cake? I didn't scrunch up my nose but I thought "ewwww" LOL. I think you do beautiful art, thinking or no thinking about it, it's beautiful!! Cuz i said so!!!!!!! HUGS beautiful.

  2. All I can say is 'Ditto'. I guess I am not that introspective.
    Thanks for sharing.. will have to TRY and find that video.

  3. Something to think about here.. I love when you post up your drawing inspired by your daughter Brook, they are always fabulous and I can see the love that shines through.