Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 2- #90daysofblogging

Happy Saturday to ya!

Wasn't sure what I wanted to write about today.. I have a lot of things/projects on my mind over the next week.  I feel like I must get a free week once a month and the other weeks are creative chaos.. :)
That might sound like a complaint, but it is so far from it. The only thing that could put icing on it.. would be getting paid for it.. :)  Any who.. as I write.. I am playing with a few supplies I got from the Dollar Tree!  yes.. you heard me!  The Dollar Tree! Wanna sneak peak ?

This is a guitar I plan to alter (the dollar tree item).  It had super glossy paper on it so I tried to Deco Arts  Gesso, but it pealed too easily.  So I went over it with some Deco Art Americna Multisurface Satin in Cotton Ball and that seems to be working fine.. Now to use some Helmar's  Decoupage and craft paste on  my images and get some color down.. 

Another thing I have been working on is my loose face sketching. I am fine not being a portrait artist.  I personally think once you start doing portraits you put a level of perfectionalism (is that a word?)  on your work.  I don't want to do that! I don't need to worry about that.  I like painting whimsy faces and crazy colors.  Yes I would like my shadowing and such to be better.  Yes I would like my profiles, and head tilts to be less strenuous on me to create and on the finish pieces.  I will learn as it comes.. In the mean time I have a flipagram many of you have seen.. and some of you.. well have not.   

We have two more bloggers to join our circle.

Welcoming two newbies to the #90daysofblogging crew.. (smiles)

Yvonne Armitage Gebauer (will update with her blog address)


Sandee Setliff
Sandy Beach
Donna Lueders

As always.. Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Loving the peek into what you are up to. Your flipagram is wonderful. I love the way you do your faces they are awesome and this was a terrific way to see them all..

  2. I love your faces you have been drawing. I wish I could be free but I am one of those that it just has to look right. Need to get over that. Can't wait to see what the small guitar is going to end up looking like :)

  3. Good morning . Coffee and a good blog what a great day. Glad to be aborad

  4. I loved the flipgram of the faces and think you do a great job at them, looking forward to seeing you guitar all finished too!

  5. Meko I love what you do - exactly as you do it!! Your faces are so whimsical and fresh - wonderfully so!! You keep on doing your thing girlfriend!!!

  6. OOOoooooo......I can't wait to see what the completed guitar looks like!! Such a great idea!! I'm a total Dollar Store stalker and shop at ours all the time! And your faces!! You need to teach us how to draw them in a hangout one evening. ;)

  7. Ooooo......I love the sneak peek and can't wait for the finished altered guitar!!! And your faces....looooove them!! You need to teach us how to draw them one evening at a hangout. ;)