Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 29- #90daysofblogging

My friend Sandee has been doing nature post and she is really good at getting the names to not just the flowers but also plants.  Sandee and Donna both have water streaming near their homes and they walk the wooded area near by.  They have shared the many a bloom and plenty of greens ::chuckles::

While I would be happiest in a concrete jungle (what I call the city)  I too will share a few of the things that are growing in my front and back yards.. ::hearty laughs::  I have been in this house over seven years and  I have never planted a flower.  The gentlemen who cut our grass..  clean the yard and cut the bushes when needed.. I am very thankful for them!!

1. Sedum (not sure what kind)

  1. a widely distributed fleshy-leaved plant with small star-shaped 
  2. yellow, pink, or white flowers, grown as an ornamental.

2. Clematis (brilliantly purple) It's actually my neighbors but it's on the line 
dividing our homes and I love the deeeeep purple bloom

  1. a climbing plant of the buttercup family that bears white, pink, or purple flowers and 
  2. feathery seeds. Several kinds are cultivated as ornamentals.

3. Hosta
  1. an eastern Asian plant cultivated in the West for its shade-tolerant foliage and 
  2. loose clusters of tubular mauve or white flowers.

The above are just a few of the plants in my front yard.  Apparently none of them require watering from us, or sun light on a regular basis.  We live on the more shady side of the street.  Or so it seems whenever I go out to take pictures.  I will learn more and appreciate the knowledge Sandee shared here :) Thanks again!!  Chocolate on the way! :) 

Don't forget to check out my friends here.. and see what they are doing.. :)


  1. OK, why is it that I read the whole post, but "perk" at the word chocolate? lol I 2 plants that have chocolate in their names...Chocolate Chip Ajuga and Chocolate Covered Cherry Coleus....even my plants are fattening! lol

  2. You have some lovely plants/flowers in your yard :) Clematis are beautiful flowers. Thanks for showing us a part of your life.