Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 19- #90daysofblogging

I love pinterest.

On pinterest I have 216 boards, 8,097 pins, 1,999 likes, 860 followers and 471 following.

I would love to hit 10k pins before the end of June.  I have been neglecting my boards and it's just not fair! ::laughs::   I learn, see and get inspired by the things on pinterest so much.  I add things I find to share with those who actually use the boards like I do.

I plan to use some of these things and create idea books based on some of things I am interested in. My pinterest board is just a big ole table of contents for me to play with and add things to.  I pin things from Autism awareness to words/quotes/typography.  I  create list like books I want to read or have read and want to purchase.  I created a board with all the craft supplies I want and don't have and I am interest in.. I am an easy person to gift, for my family, but they don't take advantage of it. ::giggles::

PINNING is WINNING.. There is so much inspiration and things to dream about there. If you like pinterest and the inspiration you gather from it is awesome.. Let me HEAR YA and FOLLOW ya.. Woot Woot!!  ::laughs loudly::

My pinterest name is MiSS  MeKO and you can see my boards here.. ::smiles::

Thanks for stopping by.. I need to go PINNING to WIN!!

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  1. Well, we are already Pinterest Pals...lol I love it too, I like the way you phrased it "My Pinterest board is just a big ole table of contents for me to play with and add things to." I feel the same way! 127 boards 3,711 pins 494 likes 713 Followers 316 following ( You are way ahead of me!! lol )

  2. Yep pinning pals isn't it fabulous there so much inspiration. I have 115 boards 10,360 pins 90 likes 909 followers and I am following 1,409. So hmm 15,000 pins is my goal hey..