Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 18- #90daysofblogging

Hey folks.
Still working on beads.. also sleeping a lot today.. must be tired.
I love the Deco Art Triple Thick.. I think I said that already.

I have honestly spent over 20 hours creating, glazing and reglazing previously made beads.  I love how these shine so much more with Deco Art Triple Thick glaze. Ha I said it again.

(a whole day later)

Ok.. I'm done with the beads and forgot to post before midnight!
Gonna play more with my Dylusions Paints.  The come in really cool bright  colors.  I have all but 3.  One is on backorder (the blue shade)  And I decided not to get the black and white.  I felt my Deco Art paints were sufficient.  I will say that the color is cooler and dries wayyy quicker when you apply with a babywipe and spread it.  When you gesso before using it.. the color hs more pigment and appears even richer.  Either way is awesome.. depends moreso on what you like.  I like color, so  both works for me.  The convenience of the quick dry after applying with baby wipes appeals most.


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