Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 11- #90daysofblogging

This picture is a collage of some step by steps done by Dede Willingham....
That she also made available to us online..

My friend Dede Willingham is a FANTABULOUS artist does a MORE THAN amazing job teaching us how to draw realistic portraits. Mind you.. she is NO TEACHER (says she).  Last week she provided a light sketch of a young girl Amelia.  You were to go to her blog here.  Save the picture provided and print to a tan toned paper of some sort.  Why tanned toned?  Because it worked best for the technique she would be demonstrating with prisma pencils for shading.  Along with that print out, she did live streams on her Ustream channel here and later uploaded to her YouTube channel here.
Amelia can be found in 3 parts...

Amelia Part One
Amelia Part Two
Amelia Part Three

While I didn't do the project. I did learn from each of the parts and I will not be afraid to eventually try it knowing I have these videos to aid me.  I also can use bits and pieces of Dede's teachings to help in the types of portraits I do like to create.  Dede is a very modest woman and could easily charge money for the information she gives us.  She does it for free.. I personally appreciate her more than she could EVER POSSIBLY know for the information she has given .  How do you say thank you?  How do you say Thank YOU?

This week Dede is working on another technique, but I have promised #90daysofblogging and well.. you will get that info another day.. ::chuckles and smiles:::

Have a great one!

As always.. I appreciate your  YOU and YOUR TIME.. :)

Don't forget to stop by these ladies blogs, to see what they are doing.. :)


  1. This is my favorite time of morning, coffee and Ustream with Dede..she is a great person I have just become a friend of hers.

  2. Thank you for sharing her links!! I'd love to learn how to be better at drawing faces and I'd love to start incorporating them in to my art. I'm most definitely going to have to check out those videos. TFS Miko! I love your faces so I'm waiting to see what you incorporate from these classes into your new faces. :)

  3. Such a shame I never get to see her live as when she is on I am sound asleep.. I must catch up on these links thanks for sharing..