Friday, November 17, 2017


Just working in layers.. I love my watercolor pieces...

Planner Pins- Dollar Tree Find

I am not a planner, let's just face it.. I have no real life activities worth recording besides the occasional doctors appointments.. :) But I am totally enthused with making planner clips.  I think its fun to see the hanging out the top of a midori type or ring planner.  They don't take long to make and you can make them from almost anything. Below I took a card my daughter got from her birthday and saved the sweet treats to make planner clips.

Then in the next picture I took the stickers I was hoarding from Dollar Tree!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hey guys.. this is another project I had loaded images from my camera.. and never posted.  Told myself if I ever got a laptop so I could type at my liesure I would type a post for it.. As a matter of fact I'd post more often..  Well below I began with Holbein watercolors and I created bubbles.  I chose colors I was already using simular to my Deco Art Americana Acrylics I painted my base canvas with. I also used oil pastel and acrylics to create light on the bubbles. Then I cut the bubbles out.


I used some Helmars glue to adhere the bubbles to my canvas.  

I also took more Helmars glue and some coordinating colored seeds beads and added some texture and dimension.  The glue dries clear and with a lil sheen/crystalization.

Here is a the finished piece.. I love it.. :)

Faces.. Old but posting...

Not exactly sure why I wanted to make a post of this image. Cant remember what I used to create it other then it being water soluble... and in form of a crayon.. Guess thats what I get for waiting over 3 months to complete the blog post.. Either way, I love ANY water soluble crayons..  She does look like how I feel today.. Some folks ruffle my feathers.. unknowingly of course.. and I just hope I control myself and don't lose myself and tell them how I feel..  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Natural Soap by Zakia

I am so happy I decided 2017 was going to be my year for self care. One way I decided to do this was with the purchase of a Naturally Nourishing Soap Box Subscription from Zakia Ringold. I met Zakia on Periscope, where I was quickly drawn in by her personality and passion for soap making! I'm serious.. You know how folks kid and watching paint dry.. well not so funny, because I do that! But also, I tuned in for episode after episode to watch Zakia make soap and her exfoilliating sugar scrub y'all!!  This chick is a the real deal!!  While I won't be taking pictures in the bath (haha) I will be reporting to you all just how everything goes with this soap, which by the way smells so damn good and clean!! I'm excited, so excited wrote a post!!  Happy New to You Year!!