Monday, March 31, 2014

March Challenge for Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel

This is my entry for March 2014 Creative Dare.  Decided a the last minute to do this.  Frankly I am so sleepy, I should have passed! lol  But it's done!  This was done in one of my small journals it's actually only a 5 x 7.  I will do it again on canvas once I get those artistcellar sacred heat stencils I am so inspired by!  I like hearts anyway.  Anything and everything I do.. is from the heart these days..  I haven't always been that way but I have gotten better at it and I am a lot more conscious of it.  I no longer care if it the popular, politically correct or acceptable thing to do.. I only care if it feel right to me and if I can live with my decision.  Anyway.. let's avoid a sermon, shall we?  thanks for stopping by.. ::waving::  :)

OMGosh  I forgot to mention my Glatos and Pitt pens that helped me complete this page from Faber-Castell Designer Memory Craft!!  

Each month Tracy challenges us to  use what we have and create!  On Facebook we gather here!  Then on most Monday evenings at 8pm cst we gather here

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dress Swap 4x6 for Arsty Mail

Today I am sharing with you a 4x6 post card I did for a group.  I had to have a dress on it and it had to be 4x6.  You could put the dress on it any kind of way you wanted to and believe me I thought of at least 2 dozen ways to do so. :)  I told myself to use what I had!  Don't go out buying things.  You have more than enough supplies to pull this off.. Now sit your behind down and figure out what method you plan to use.  I thought about painting directly on the page and collaging papers; I thought about origami folks since I had just done over 80 dresses courtesy of a video I just watched by Michelle aka The Paper Addiction, but I also decided to just attach them to the backs on my postcards and envelope my cards instead sending them like postcards.


 Anyway.. I decided to do some mixed media painting on a watercolor paper with my DecoArt Acrylic neon paints..  A little lightweight stenciling with some punchinella with black Stazon and high lighting with my white Signo gel pen. added bling and adhered to a black dress form, with my favorite Helmar Craft Glue, then I  also added more doodling on it..

I placed it on top of a book page I gessoed with DecoArt Gesso and again using the neon paints, black stazon stamp pad, and white gel pen, in the background.  I also added the black Gloss Enamel paint on the edges to  loosely {frame} it where I again doodled!  This was fun to work with!!

My swap partner Terri .. I didn't know much about her.. so I looked on her FB page and saw she spent a lot of time at BSU.. (colors are Blue and Orange; adhered this dress with Helmar's Craft Glue to back of the other dress)  Hope she likes this.. :)  Especially since I am soooo not a dress chick.. lol!

Thank you.. for stopping by!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Frosted Designs Friday Challenge- Punctuation & Symbols

My friends over at Frosted Designs are having a Friday challenge to build a page, card, layout  as long as you use a punctuation mark or keyboard symbol.  I don't normally play but the KOTM over there got me feeling extra crafty at the last minute!!  That dang Sandee Setliff  has always got me inspired to create not just weekly with her Sundays with Sandee but often throughout the week as well with our mixed media challenges and ustream/youtube sit-ins.. There is a good group of us that support our mixed media habits and enable us.. lol.. in so many way over at Mixing it up everyday! our FB group!  Join us!!

Anyway.. It's crunch time.. here is my page!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

DecoArt: Neon Color Wheel

Color Wheel

This Color Wheel was made using my primary colors of red, yellow and blue from Deco Art neon acrylic paint collection.  I was still able to make my secondary colors of green, orange and violet.  Seeing this  just reiterates what I already know about myself.. I LIKE BRIGHT COLORS and I CANNOT LIE!!  LOL
It also helps me understand why I have always leaned more so toward one color/hue instead of another.

Maybe you should take the time out to do a color wheel based on your most favorite shade of red, blue, and yellow.  Don't forget, first see what secondary colors you come up with and then go from there.. :)  Enjoy!!

DecoArt CanvasBoard: Blooms!

I had these canvas boards a while now.  I wanted use them and for some reason I hadn't.  Well today was the day I planned on doing just the opposite!  I had just had a Mixed Media Monday with Tracy Weinzapfel.  Where she had taken some acrylics and and baby wipes and created a beautiful pieces of artwork and I was going to do the same!  :)  I gessoed the canvas board with Deco Art's Gesso and then with a baby wipe I applied the acrylic paints from lights to dark.. (of course my neons were in the line up) :)

Did the same process for the bottom half with even more acrylics from Deco Arts..
Then I prepared some flower petals from a book I was DEFINITELY not going to read and had been using the pages as background scraps.  I even make some heart shaped Tulips.

I then got out my Golden soft gel medium and plopped a smidget on my craft mat so I could adhere my book pages to my acrylic background.  I would normally use decoupage, but I am trying something different and I want to be able to write or journal over it later.. if need be.. I painted over my book pages and added some splatters.  Splatters are just watered down acrylics for me flicked from my paint brush (smile).  I couldn't think of a quote.. wasn't a lot of space.. and once again.. we were in the middle of yet another snow storm.. So I decided to keep it simple.. and say BLOOM!!  Added some purple to the edges and called it DONE!

At the last minuted I editted this post and decided to add some additions.. :) to my Blooming Hearts!!  Enjoy!!  

Hope you enjoyed the finished product!!  Thanks for looking!!  :)