Saturday, March 8, 2014

DecoArt CanvasBoard: Blooms!

I had these canvas boards a while now.  I wanted use them and for some reason I hadn't.  Well today was the day I planned on doing just the opposite!  I had just had a Mixed Media Monday with Tracy Weinzapfel.  Where she had taken some acrylics and and baby wipes and created a beautiful pieces of artwork and I was going to do the same!  :)  I gessoed the canvas board with Deco Art's Gesso and then with a baby wipe I applied the acrylic paints from lights to dark.. (of course my neons were in the line up) :)

Did the same process for the bottom half with even more acrylics from Deco Arts..
Then I prepared some flower petals from a book I was DEFINITELY not going to read and had been using the pages as background scraps.  I even make some heart shaped Tulips.

I then got out my Golden soft gel medium and plopped a smidget on my craft mat so I could adhere my book pages to my acrylic background.  I would normally use decoupage, but I am trying something different and I want to be able to write or journal over it later.. if need be.. I painted over my book pages and added some splatters.  Splatters are just watered down acrylics for me flicked from my paint brush (smile).  I couldn't think of a quote.. wasn't a lot of space.. and once again.. we were in the middle of yet another snow storm.. So I decided to keep it simple.. and say BLOOM!!  Added some purple to the edges and called it DONE!

At the last minuted I editted this post and decided to add some additions.. :) to my Blooming Hearts!!  Enjoy!!  

Hope you enjoyed the finished product!!  Thanks for looking!!  :)

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  1. Tamiko I am loving your work more and more, love this great piece. Blog Love your way...