Saturday, March 8, 2014

DecoArt: Neon Color Wheel

Color Wheel

This Color Wheel was made using my primary colors of red, yellow and blue from Deco Art neon acrylic paint collection.  I was still able to make my secondary colors of green, orange and violet.  Seeing this  just reiterates what I already know about myself.. I LIKE BRIGHT COLORS and I CANNOT LIE!!  LOL
It also helps me understand why I have always leaned more so toward one color/hue instead of another.

Maybe you should take the time out to do a color wheel based on your most favorite shade of red, blue, and yellow.  Don't forget, first see what secondary colors you come up with and then go from there.. :)  Enjoy!!


  1. Love your color wheel and of course those bright cheerful colors are so you because you are so bright and cheerful too!

  2. I agree Tamiko, everyone should try the color wheel and I love the new Bright Neon colors from Decoart..<3