Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 86- #90daysandblogging

I love this book.  It just costs more then I am willing to pay.  I have yet to make any mosiac tiles or play with clay to create my own, so I guess that's one reason I haven't rushed to get this book.  I have gotten it from the library at least 3 times and kept over 3 weeks at a time.  Love the processes it takes you through using tiles and creating your own.  Love that they also tell you how to decorate and use them in projects.  The book is very thorough, I appreciate that.  Has plenty of step by step pictures and awesome explanations.  Anywho.. totally worth it if you have the money to spend.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 85- #90daysofblogging

I was very anxious to get this book.  As I read it I knew i would finally be able to make some earrings that would be light enough for my mother and I to wear that I created with my art.  I know I should have been able to figure this out on my own, but I love the inspiration I received as I read this book.  I believe I can sew.. lol.. even if it's hand sewing.  This book had a lot of very very cool projects that anyone could replicate in their own style.  Indeed a book i want to own for reference purposes.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 84- #90daysofblogging

For my third guest spot for the month of July with Gina's Designs  I created a shrine!  I know Frida Kahlo's birthday was earlier this month, but in my family we celebrate birthdays the whole month!  I was very, very excited to play with my first ATC shrine. Here is a picture of the finished project.
If you would like to see the post associated with this project, CLICK HERE.  :)

Lets talk about the Deco Art Items I used in this project!

Besides using Deco Art Media Fluid Acrylics to paint my shrine. In the following colors:
  • Titan Buff
  • Primary Yellow
  • Blue Green Light
  • Quinacridone Red
  • Primary Cyan
I also used from the Americana Craft paints- Festive Green

After everything was painted, I proceeded to add the Deco Art Media Crackle Glaze, which dries clear. I then applied some DA Media Antiquing cream in Medium Gray.  After it dried.. I took a slightly dampened baby wipe and rubbed off the access cream. If you take off too much, you can always add more.  Best way to avoid it to limit the moisture in the cloth you use to rub off and rub  lightly.  Check out this awesome finish.

I have a few other areas I applied it to as well.. who would ever know this was hardboard.  It looks aged.. and I don't mean just a few hours either!!!  I can't wait to try this again!  I decided to make a Flipagram   I hope you can see parts of my creative process and enjoy the music. ::smiles:: 

Did I say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this?  The shrines are created  hardboard.  Not quite wood, but even more sturdier than chipboard,  You don't have to wonder about the mediums you apply to it, because it can just about withstand anything!!  I am totally impressed!  Now it's your turn to head over to Gina's Designs and Lasercuts and try something different and creative!!  Don't just stop there though, head over to Deco Art's Mixed Media Line to check out all the awesome products they have in store there.

Supplies Used.

Gina's Designs- ATC Shrine- Window 1

Other supplies used

Deco Art Media - Gesso, Fluid Acrylics, Crackle Paste (clear), Antiquing Cream
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
DMC Faber Castell Glass Bead Gel
 WOC Flowers
Image from Google

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 83- #90daysofblogging

Tiles Gone Wild.
I wish I had the space to create mosaic pieces.  I can't do this type of things with my daughter around.  I would wake up and find every mug I loved in pieces, cut up the soles of my feet trying to get to shoes and lord only knows what else.  Would like to try this technique with clay pieces and chipboard possibly.  Very informative for anyone wanting step by steps.  Gives awesome info about tools and why this tool over another one.  I appreciated reading that.  Not a book, I must have in my personal library, but full of good resources.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 82- #90daysofblogging

The Pulse of Mixed Media by Seth Apter.  To be honest this book is cool for people who want to know about other artist in bulk. You could honestly connect (if your willing) with some of the artist here and go on and decide to inquire more about their other projects.  Lots of cool quotes and opinions and outlooks on art and why we create.  I wanted to know more about how things were made that I saw in the book.  Fantastic pieces, little tidbits about how they feel when ____ happens.  For me I am the type of person that once I engage with an artist and decide I like their work or want to learn from their work, then and only then am I interested in some of the things discussed in this book.  It could be a nice book to gift someone who is a mixed media artist or one who just appreciates art, but I don't HAVE TO HAVE IT.  I love Seth Apter's work though, which is the reason I chose to check out the book.  Check it out.. might be something you can feel inspired by or an artist you are drawn too.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 81- #90daysofblogging

Went to the library today to begin picking up the books I wanted to check out.  I think I have about 3-4 more to pick up.  I have learned since I am on a budget, I am soooo not beyond going to the library to check out a book.  Just like I am not above purchasing a used book to save money on after I have carefully reviewed it from my library hauls. I only buy books that inspire me or act as a reference.  I am determined to be a educated consumer, not just in arts and craft supplies.  While it seems as though I hoard a lot of things and I do.  Know it doesn't cost me full price, well within last few years it hasn't, lol  This was an awesome selection of books.  At this moment I will be enjoying the slower days ahead, to read and enjoy them.  From there I will decide which ones, I JUST HAVE TO HAVE for my own personal library.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 80- #90daysofblogging

  1. a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication.
    "emoji liven up your text messages with tiny smiley faces"

I am so addicted to making my own emojis.  Love her and her glasses.  Today is my 80th post in my personal challenge!  Ten more days for to complete the 90.  I will probably add some words to her and make some kinds MEME.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 79- #90daysofblogging

I seem so much less productive without coffee. lol  Headaches haven't been bad.. Sleep is totally off and I can't even blame that on Brook.. :)  Been really busy trying to catch up and get posted the three blog post I have for the following week.. So I dont have much to say but I am busy creating.. Hope to shae more soon.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 78- #90daysofblogging

Today on the Sin City Stamps Blog I got a chance FINALLY to play with Daniella's Stamp set call BIG BOLD BLOOMS.  They are in fact that!  I hope you take a quick moment and come see what I created with just the words.. and ONE of the FOUR BIG BOLD BLOSSOMS!!  Just click HERE to go to the blog post.

See what I turn this page into!  Thanks in Advance for stopping by!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 77- #90daysofblogging

No MORE COFFEE for me.. for at least 14 days.  If I can do the 14 days, I will also commit to the other 16 days.  I have done it before and a lot longer.  In addition to no coffee (sigh), I will not drink teas, soft drinks and/or sodas.  I have really been slacking with my nutrition/diet and my tummy tells me all the time, you can fix this.  Let's see what happens when I try!  This cup of coffee is mad funny and amusing.  I need a tshirt! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 78- #90daysofblogging

I am over on the Gina's Designs Blog, as I will be a guest designer on Wednesdays for the month of July.  I would totally appreciate YOU and your support.  Can you could go over to the page linked here.   Leave me a comment in regards to my project posted (ONLY if it's NICE) by clicking here!  Seriously.. lol  Had fun creating this.. I used 2 things on a journal page Ive never done before.  Bamboo and a Panda!  I drew the panda and you can recognize him!! POW!  :)  Thanks in Advance!!

Don't forget to stop over at Gina's Designs Lasercuts YouTube Channel 
for additional inspiration and subscribe while you are there!!

Supplies From Gina's Store:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 75- #90daysofblogging Lilly

Sandy Beach has made me a follower of Teesha Moore.  We watch alllllll the videos..   Sandy does the art. ::giggles::  Teesha does a lot of collage and paper piecing. (She does a lot of other cool stuff, but I am not talking about that right now. HA) She doodles and creates images with her doodles that tie the papers and new found created creatures together.  Sandy Beach and I are both paying members of   On this site we are privy to the videos that Teesha and her husband and others upload that are not shared at yahoo.  There are files available for ephemera and collage sheets also available.  Again totally worth the monthly fee which is the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. ($5 USD)

Anyway, we saw Teesha do some collage on the outside of a moleskine with some book pages from a Lately Lily Children's book by Micah Player.  They came in the mail and as soon as I know Brook doesn't want the book for herself.. I will indeed cut these bad boys up. The page's images are very vibrant.  I like art that has a lot of bold black lines.  Don't ask me why, can't give you a better answer than it just appeals to me.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 75- #90daysofblogging

Occasionally I order stamps online.  Usually for 1-2 reasons. One being that the rubber stamp is not available in one of my walk-in big box stores (where I will use a coupon) or two I can't wait for it to be available at those stores.  Stampendous has a line of cling stamps with some of the most awesome jumbo images.. Stamps worthy of coloring, which is my MAIN REASON for buying a stamp in most cases.  I use anything I have available to color stamps such as water based markers or alcohol; water color or acrylic paints; stains, inks and sprays and/or water color pencils and water soluble crayons.  Whatever it takes to add color!!

I love butterflies and sunflowers.  I AM A SUNFLOWER if you didn't already know. These awesome stamps will be put to use as soon as I have a minute to play for me....

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 74- #90daysofblogging

A bunch of my FIBs (Friends in the Box) are on their way to Maryland (Merryland) as they are calling it for an art retreat with Paula Phillips (JournalArtista)  and Patti Parish (InkyObsessions).
Some are coming all the way from Canada!  Many will endure hours and hours of tiring travel with the masses!  I only hope and pray everything goes well for them all.. They say they will stream for us folks at home and it will be more than awesome to see how that all turns out.

Ps.. by the time I was prepared to post this.. the retreat was over..  I am very glad to hear that there was an abundance of sharing love, laughter and art by all!  Now that right there is spectacular!  Looking forward to planning to attend this event myself next year.  I hope like heck we can get more than three months notice.  I believe that's the ONLY reason I didn't make it.  Needed more time to plan.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 73- #90daysofblogging

Can't wait to load this with all my favorite pocket pal goodies to create pocket letters and/or ATCs (artist trading cards).  This was the project that I posted to Gina's Design's Design Team blog.  I am a guest designer there for the month of July.  My posts will be on Wednesdays for the next 3 weeks.  Hope you have a moment to stop by, or check out the store for her fabulous laser cut chip boards. 


Gina's Designs Products:

Memory Keeper Organizer
Brush Caddy
Flower Stacks
4x6 Memory Keeper Dividers
4x3 Memory Keeper Dividers


Helmar Craft Glue
Deco Art Media Gesso (white)
Dylusions Paints (variety of colors)
Deco Art Acryclics and Paint Marker (variety of colors)
Artistcellar Pocket Stencils
Cosmetic Sponges
Washi Tape

Let me share a few more pictures with you.

The slots in the caddy are not only perfect for brushes
my bottles of glue fit perfect!  I can even place a dixie cup or
condiments cup and use that as a catch all under upside down glue bottles!  How cool is that?

The slots in the organizer is perfect for my small embellishments!
I can also kinda prep my slots to contain twine bunbdles, washi on a card, sticker bundles, stamped images, my tea, coffee or chocolate! Cut up s stack of artist trading card (ATC) bases. All the goodies I need to prepare a load of pocket letters or quickie ATCs. I have so many ideas and I am so ready to fill both of this fabulous units up!
Ha.. YOU and I both can store our stash of Gina's Design Chippies!!  ::smiles even bigger::

Anywho.. just postiing this info on my own blog..I do still have 90 days worth of blogging to comeplete.. ::tee hee::  Feel free to click on any of the Gin's Designs supplies linksabove.  They will take you to the shopping 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 72- #90daysofblogging

Here are very small stencils .. part of the The Crafters Workshop- J F Balzer.  Fit perfectly in the back of my A Dori-ble.  Can't wait to try these in conjunction with my Artistcellar stencils and my DecoArt Stencils.  You can never have too many stencils, IJS  These stencils are 4x4 and sturdy, yet thin! Love the shapes and the inner lines.. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 71- #90daysofblogging

Crazy Birds by Stampers Anonymous.  I will be coloring these cuties by Sunday I am sure!!!  I feel like I have been eyeing them forever.  They are currently on back order... again!  Hopefully they will create more to go with the dies and accessories due to be released sometime this summer.  Of course I have ordered mine! These are cling stamps and I am sure I will soon need to buy some page protectors to store and organize all my cling and silicone stamps.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 70- #90daysofblogging

I have been very anxious to get this die.  I love Tim Holtz gadgets and I LOVE COFFEE even more.  I already have the blueprint Brews blue print mini stamps.  Now these.. I should cut some of these and see them in pocket letter, happy mail and as cards or gift certificates.  While I honestly may not get deep into till AUG, I will try my best to get a done.  might even cut a few in watercolor paper, layer them. put a hole in them and a jump ring and make a few charms..  

Now off for a cup of real coffee.. this chick is thirsty!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 69- #90daysofblogging

Totally enjoying playing with Gina's Designs Laser Chippies.  The pieces vary in thickness, which is awesome.  They are flexible when needed and not when it is less called for.  I created a project I am very anxious for you all to see and I had a lot of fun creating from it.  I think I am going to give you a few hints.

This is a Desktop Memory Organizer.
I love it for the many slots.  I can see placing a lots of embellishments and such in this.  Pocket letter and ATC station.

Then we have the dividers that go in the slots.
Two different sizes.

 Then we have the Brush Caddy which is perfect for more than brushes.

We also have the Flower stack, perfect for coloring and embellishing

To see my  finished products, take a looksie over on Gina;s blog on Wednesday by clicking here :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 68- #90daysofblogging

What is an ATC?

ATC stands for artist trading cards.  The only rules in creating a ATC is its size and the free to trade factor.  They are genuinely 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches.  They are equivalent size of a baseball card or regular playing card.  Again, they are intended for trade.  If you find someone selling them, they are then referred to as ACEOs.  ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals.  I have recently did a few Design team posts and I would love for you to take a look bat them by clicking..

Here for the Sin City Stamps Post


Here for the Helmar post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 67- #90daysofblogging

Saw this as the word of the day.  All I have to say is if I don't get some real sleep or a vacation soon, away from home my mein will need some serious adjusting!!  ::laughs out loud for real::

Let's see.. I'd love to do 2 of my swaps and my guest designer post.  I also need to create some paper for future Arnold Grummer posts.  Plenty to do, although I won't be any good to anyone, including me. if I am alseep.  I better grab a power nap or something!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 66- #90daysofblogging

pic found on google..

Today is the 4th of July.  Independence Day,
My plans to observe this day will be to eat, drink, relax and reflect on the idea of freedom not being totally free, without a cost.  I also have some projects to do because July will be the busiest month for in regards to blogging and posting pictures of things I have created.

It also marks the last month of my tenure with Sin City Stamps as a design team member.

Is  it ok to be tired?  Good, because I am!

I have only a few swaps I that I need to complete. My pocket letter swap, which is late. ::screaming I'm sorry Tommy JO!!::  I have to create articulated bird, never done that before and ir's due soon.  My monthly alphabet post card, which is now up to the letter D.  and some HOUSE ATCs from an IG swap.  :)

I need to create for myself too.. :)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 65- #90daysinblogging

This was an order I got from Artistcellar this week.  AC made 5 years old.. and with a code you could save $5 off any purchase over $10.  Which means free shipping for me!  Woot Woot!  I never make large orders of full priced stencils, so when I get the opportunity to save on shipping, I jump in.  I would have ordered more on Friday, but I forgot.  Yep, sucks to be me! :)  One great thing came out of it.  I got a free set of pocket stencils for being one of LUCKY # 5!  I can live with that!  I just wait cant to create my TAM inspired cards and pages etc.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 64-390daysofblogging

I love watercolors.  Even though I am not the best at using them I will try them and try them all!  I was so excited and sad to see these on clearance.  Excited because I was saving over 50% (more then any one coupon could possibly discount me).  Sad because it seems like the item might be discontinued by the store?  Possibly more?  

Anyway, I will enjoy my time with the splash inks.  I hope they are cool to work with, possibly change some paint colors even.  I saw in a video that they are perm once dry.. that's awesome!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 63- #90daysofblogging

I finally found one of those empty fineliner applicator bottles.
I got it in the 18 gauge, which is suppose to be better for glue.  It has a slightly larger hole.  I placed my Helmar Professional Acid Free Glue in it.  SCORE!!

I was able to find them after a few friends.. Anna and Brenda located them at Hobby Lobby.  My location only had single packs $5 each.
I need more.  I like them with my glue for small projects and i am sure I will love them with my favorite acrylics from DECO ART.