Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 74- #90daysofblogging

A bunch of my FIBs (Friends in the Box) are on their way to Maryland (Merryland) as they are calling it for an art retreat with Paula Phillips (JournalArtista)  and Patti Parish (InkyObsessions).
Some are coming all the way from Canada!  Many will endure hours and hours of tiring travel with the masses!  I only hope and pray everything goes well for them all.. They say they will stream for us folks at home and it will be more than awesome to see how that all turns out.

Ps.. by the time I was prepared to post this.. the retreat was over..  I am very glad to hear that there was an abundance of sharing love, laughter and art by all!  Now that right there is spectacular!  Looking forward to planning to attend this event myself next year.  I hope like heck we can get more than three months notice.  I believe that's the ONLY reason I didn't make it.  Needed more time to plan.

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