Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 75- #90daysofblogging Lilly

Sandy Beach has made me a follower of Teesha Moore.  We watch alllllll the videos..   Sandy does the art. ::giggles::  Teesha does a lot of collage and paper piecing. (She does a lot of other cool stuff, but I am not talking about that right now. HA) She doodles and creates images with her doodles that tie the papers and new found created creatures together.  Sandy Beach and I are both paying members of www.Artstronauts.com   On this site we are privy to the videos that Teesha and her husband and others upload that are not shared at yahoo.  There are files available for ephemera and collage sheets also available.  Again totally worth the monthly fee which is the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. ($5 USD)

Anyway, we saw Teesha do some collage on the outside of a moleskine with some book pages from a Lately Lily Children's book by Micah Player.  They came in the mail and as soon as I know Brook doesn't want the book for herself.. I will indeed cut these bad boys up. The page's images are very vibrant.  I like art that has a lot of bold black lines.  Don't ask me why, can't give you a better answer than it just appeals to me.

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