Saturday, August 30, 2014

MIU AUG-SEP Challenege

This was the Aug-September Challenge for our Facebook Group
called Mixing It All Up.. Great group of folks.. You can find us by clicking here.

The challenge that Sandee.. our fearless Artist Leader gave us.. was to tell her where we were.. during 9/11/01 and create a journal page about it...   In this case it was easier for me to talk about than it was for me to draw.  I saw so much! Hard for me to ONLY create one page.  So I will begin with  with this...

On 9/11/2001 .. I worked for an airline.. and I had just worked a lot of OT because we had cancelled all of our overnight and first flights departures.. due to some flight regulations issues.. which could be a number of things.. they never told us what.. Then I was up the next morning ONLY to see this.. across my TV screen.. A skyline I recognized so well.. up in smoke and flames.. and it wasn't some marvel comic movie trailer. It was real.. very real... The only thing memory that surpasses the planes exploding as they crashed into the buildings.. were the thousands and thousands of faces that came across my screen.. wondering who they were.. what their story was.. if family saw them long enough to know they were ok.. Power was down.. phone lines were down from Manhattan Area.. for a longggg time.. all we had was the media.. I volunteered and went right back to work and almost lived there. We prayed with panicking people over the phone. We sat and talked and talked and 3wayed phone calls. As I worked I thought of all my friends who lived there and wondered if they and their loved ones were ok. I found out my godson was on a trip.. so every little black boy I saw...I looked to see if it was him.. well after he got someplace and called his mom and told her he was ok.. and would have to walk home.. and would take a few hrs.. but he was ok.. My friends who drove trains..were finally home and safe.. It took weeks to hear from everyone I could think of.. Anyway.. a year later.. and for a few years after that.. coworkers and I..use to fly to NYC.. to show people we we not afraid to fly.. we were not going to let an incident, although traumatic as it was.. keep us.. closed from the world. Nothing wrong with being an alert traveler and ALL TRAVELING is serious business.. although the reason to travel.. may vary..

Monday, August 18, 2014

SEFARINA - Fairy page...

Very emotional week on the news.. in the media.. and with dear friends and family.. While I wish a simple hug could cure what ails each and everyone that's hurting right now.. I know it's not enough. :( 

My friends, please know you are in my thoughts constantly.  My personal fairies are working overtime to find ways to reach each of you.. and let you know. you are not alone.. you are loved... and my silence.. is only my way.. of listening.. to see what you REALLY need during this time... 

Ok.. On to my post.. which is dedicated to you..

 I saw a series of great techniques on how to use gelatos with Amber Button and I tried some, when I used my gelatos today.. so if you are afraid of gelatos.. or have some and have never used them please check her out here, she's great!  I am in a facebook group where he post blog was posted.. great group of ladies.. you can find them here.  The admins are Tara McGuire and Angela Blake.. both very talented!

Well here she is..

I  created a background by using a coldpress notebook page by Cottonwood Arts and wet it with water with my Ranger misters.  I then took my gelato, wet the tip in my water bowl and proceeded to slather colors- creating my base, for my background, directly from the stick. Then I took my finger and wet it with water.. and rubbed the color across the page.  I let it dry (while getting a cup of coffee.. lol)  I came back drew with my mechanical pencil from my Pigma Sensei set.. love that pencil and eraser.. had no problems erasing on top of the gelatos. 

After it was dry.. I took my sensei pens, which are waterproof and traced over my pencil lines and erased. Then I took my water brush and pulled pigment/color directly from tube and painted my images.  I still went back with my white Sharpie (water-based) paint pen, Moonlight gelly roll pens, and Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt Pen which I use to add dept by smudging and adding a lil' accents here and there. Oh and don't let me forget her *shimma*.  I am a *control* shimma freak!  So I use a Wink of Stella brush pen in *clear* to add shimmer to my fairy!

Last thing were my quotes.. with Brave Wings, She flies...  U R NOT ALONE... for me.. that means KEEP GOING.. just when you think you can't.. YOU CAN..   your wings will carry you as long as your willing to fly.. u r not alone.. simply means what it says.. you do have people who care and of course.. whatever higher power you believe in.  :) ((hugs))

Here are a few other pictures...

and thanks for stopping by...

Tamiko here.. uhh like who else would be writing on my blog!!.. lmao  I love neons.. and I choose to Live in COLOR.. :)

A journal page I did with Deco Art Paints, using the  neons, the media line and multi surface satin... A Few Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt Pens, and some Sakura Moonlight gelly rolls pens and my forever trusted Unibal Signo gel pen in white.

In my Dylusions journal.. I first just took the neons paints and cover the page.. and walked away.. had no idea.. how I use it.. lol... Just knew I wanted to use NEONS.. I really love them!.. COLOR is NEVER too bright!!  :)  Anyway.. I got these gorgeous Bloom Girls stamps from Prima, well...   They are HUGE.. perfect for a journal page.. perfect for playing and learning to color/paint faces.. perfect for.. whatever your heart's content...  So I stamped her in archival ink.. then after the ink dried... (rather quickly)  I proceeded to lightly brush a lil gesso wash (gesso with water in it.. lol)  Then I took my paints and added some skin tone.. The gesso did well muting the neons beneath it.. (to me)  Then I added color to the adornments in her hair.. (you know she is a modern day Frida Khalo.. lol)  and I decided to give her a blouse.. just drew something loosely.. and used my big brush pitt pens and smudged it over the neons.. I liked how that named out..  Then last but certainly not least.. i took my moonlight gelly pens and added details back into my butterflies.. on top of dried paint... the PAINT MUST be DRY!! I love those Sakura products too!!  and added lil' accents with my trusty Signo Unibal gel pen in white :)  Anyway.. quick.. and fun page.. Hope to do more.. and POST more this week...

Thank you for stopping by.. :)