Monday, October 20, 2014

My TIffany Inspired Post Cards

Hey folks.. Just giving a little background information of my Helmar post for 10/20/2014.  I was first inspired to make my own Tiffany Inspired Post Cards from the lovely and talented Tiffany Golf also known as SoutherGalsDesigns!  You can find her YOUTUBE Channel here.

The video that inspired me to play is this one here..

She has been my total inspiration behind these cards.. I wish I could put more on my Helmar's post, but it pulls away from the Company's product, So I post here.

Things I used on my postcard includes:

Here are a few pictures from the process of some other postcards I have in the making.. 

To see my finished project please click here! It will direct you to the Helmar's blog!  Would be nice if you left a little bloggy love, this is my first post as memeber of the design team. I am so excited! :)  I will be doing these again with variation of colors and designs.  I can't wait to send off the ones I created in the mail to my swap partners in the Artful Mail Group and a few other folks! :)  I also love the response the folks at the counter of the USPS when I drop off artsy mail. :)

Anywho.. THANK YOU for your time.. and Don't forget to stop by the HELMAR BLOG or the FB page to say hi! 

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

FACEBOOK #giveaway- Yarn Tree Journals.. NOT MINE.. this was the ONLY way I could pin it to pinterest!! :) Good LUCK to ALL..

I have always been fascinated with Midori's but have not bought one... I would use it to art in I know for sure.  but with all the bells and whistles I would want.. I am sure I wind up paying well over a $100 !!  Well.. I'm not wealthy.. I have other things I must buy..   I still admire the MTN and those created of the like!  Saw this fantabulous  and generous #giveaway and the owner is will to ship internationally!  How cool is that!  It is a FB contest.  So you do have to have their account access to enter.. but the rules are here!  Pinterest wouldn't let me upload the picture.. so I created a post to show what  was being offered. These are fabulous and the owner has a great selection in her etsy store as well.. :)  Enjoy and Good LUCK!!.. I only want 1.. :) There are more!! :)
Rules below.. and here is the link to the actual post here.  

I'm ridiculously pleased to announce that Yarn Tree Journals are now available in my new Etsy shop. Handmade from beautifully tactile leather or felt, these journal covers make note-taking, journalling, business planning or just doodling a real joy!

To celebrate, I'm going to give away a custom Yarn Tree Journal to one lucky liker, worth up to £35. Here's what to do ...

1. You must be a liker of Yarn Tree Studio.

2. Like this post (sharing isn't compulsory but would be amazingly helpful in spreading the word).

3. Check out my Etsy store to explore your options.

4. Comment below with your choice of leather or felt (other colours are shown in the pics), and cover size (you can choose between Primer, Novella, Sonnet and Haiku).

The giveaway will run until 8pm on Sunday 5 October 2014, when I will choose a winner at random, and I will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Phew! Thanks for reading, and good luck! xxx

(This giveaway is in no way associated with or endorsed by Facebook.)