Wednesday, August 3, 2016

90 Days of posting Challenge :)

This post is being brought to you from my cell phone and my blue tooth keyboard.. lol  My friend Vicki and I realized we had not blogged nearly as much this year as we had the year before.  That was mainly due to the lack of personal blog challenges we gave ourselves last year.  We decided we wanted that back. We wanted the feeling of accomplishment that came from completing the challenge.  We said we would be more gentle with ourselves by being way more forgiving for not blogging daily. We did say we wished to finish the 90 days of blogging before the end of the year.  Very doable and realistic.  ::smile::

So, be pepared for some regular posts.. some art.. some opinions.. and anything else i can come with over the next 90 posts.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

In the name of the..... Cross/Rememberance project

Today I decided I really wanted to work on this cross picture tray and get some new color on it.  My intent is to give it as a gift to someone I know may be having a hard time right now.  Like me.. her favorite color is purple.  She has never really experienced any of my art, so i wanted to be something special.  Worse case scenario, if don't love it enough to gift it, I'll have a new cross to put on my wall for reflection and prayer.  (tee hee)!  I furst covered the cross with Deco Art Media Line Gesso, which is very smooth going on. 

After that I took several of Deco Americana acrylics and did a super dry brush of colors.  The I even went back over the piece with a napkin to remove some still dampened areas of paint.  What to do.. WHat to do???

Thats the best part about arting everyday.   I can walk away from this project and find something else completely to do!  Not quite sure how I would embellish this, or even sure what scripture to include.  Hopefully something will come to me soon.. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Make Me a Queen for a Day...

Just playing on a piece of watercolor paper as a pallet and decided to make a Colorful Face.. with a crown.  Perfection does  NOT live here.. haha Really loving my Deco Art Americana Acrylics.!

Have you ever...

Have you ever created UGLY ART..  No real reason.. other than.. I will just sit here.. and put paint on a piece of paper. Maybe doodle. Maybe a little pen and marker work yanno.. I'm not making a picture, but I've drawn flowers and suns and hearts and leaves..

Its relaxing and with no real expectations art is created.  You won't always like what you create, but the fact that you keep on going.. and going.. means.. hmm.. that you have no intentions on giving up... Thats just my opinion.. my ramble of the day.. lolol

Shoulda taken step out pics, but sometimes.. typing and playing on a page and showing you the final piece is enough. I mean, Im not creating for YOU.. as much as I am CREATING.. FOR ME... (tee hee)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Arnold Grummer Post Teaser

Check the post about this out in the AG site by clicking here
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