Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 27- #90daysofblogging

Yesterday was an awesome mail day!  I received an awesome a dori bles from Johnna of the ScrappyCamperSisters!  Click here to see other A DORI BLES.  This is mine...


That's Shades of purples and blues and gray.

The insides looks like this..

just gray and white. 

I think it's totally awesome...cost around $17 with shipping.  The A Dori Bles is fabric and there is an interface between the material, which aids in making the cover less floppy, but it doesn't lose its flexibility.  It also has a writing /tool clip that is stetchy for thicker items and snug enough for regular pens like my Sakura Indentipen or even a pencil.  I don't own an actual Midori which primarily comes in black or brown leather.  But having this faux midori in the colors I love is Just as awesome if not more!  The colors make me happy.  Inside it I have 2 of the insert booklets that Vicki Ann aka Sandy Beach which are fabulous and contain a texture water color paper that is indeed durable.  I will add another insert, a file folder pocket and another band.  Either way having this one will let me know if I want or need to have anything more.  I also got something else in the mail.. but will show that in another post.. :)  

If you decide to buy one.. tell Johnna.. I sent you

Another thing I should mention, that is also important, is that the proceeds made from these is going towards help Johnna go to go abroad and help folks.  I think her stop is Peru.. I will update with info as I learn more.  I have been unable to locate a post to back up some of the information i think to be true.

Don't forget to check out my friends here.. and see what they are doing.. :)


  1. Looks very cute and very much like you! Glad you got some happy mail when you weren't feeling so good!

  2. That is so pretty, I love it and yes the colors fit you perfectly and I am sure you had nothing to do with telling her your favorite colors LOL