Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 3- #90daysofblogging


Been up most the night, moreso because I didn't have PC access during the day.  I feel like I am catching up!  Will probably run a few errands tomorrow.  Make some paper, literally! Do some laundry if I am lucky and finish a few projects.  Would love to do some sort of altered key or hat pins.  I don't use that stuff, but I think it's pretty.  Might be nice to include in a pocket letter too.  I feel like I need to make like 10-20 of those and send them out, but I won't say to who.. in case I never get around to doing them :: laughs::  Pocket letters require me to think too much and I just don't wanna think at all! ::laughs again::   I am altering a toy guitar and frankly.. It's not coming out like I pictured it!  I am still tweaking it though.  I feel like I can do more.  Make it look, like I want it to.. but my timing is ALL OFF!!  (shoulda started this 6 months ago)

Anywho today I want to show you some watercolor cards that I have worked on previously.. Just decided to add some pen doodles/details.  The watercolors I prefer at this present time are Sakura Koi Watercolor Sketch Travel Pan Set with 24 paints .  I was first introduced to these paints by the fabulous Joanne Sharpe.  Joanne uses a color palette that hugs my heart and makes my eyes twinkle.  The only thing that would make me switch to another set of watercolors is if they offered neon colors. ::feeling perky at the thought::  (#hoHO.. #Paula.. ::giggles::)  Koi will ALWAYS be my #1 goto for watercolors.  They are inexpensive and every place I would go to buy them from.. take coupons! (HA!)  I constantly try different types of watercolors, but I will tell you.. I will most definitely compare them to my Kois.  I am not a water colorist.  I am still learning and probably will be learning for a long time! :: laughs::

Here are the cards I mentioned..

The pen I used in the pictures was a Unibal Signo UM-153 Bold.  No longer made in the US, but available for purchase on ebay, and few other retail stores.
I do plan to check out Kuretake and White Knights  Water Colours.

The ONLY pencils I want are Caran d' Ache (sp) to try.

As always thank you for your time....

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  1. Love your cards Meko!! The girl sitting there is lovely!! I can't wait to see what you are doing with the guitar - it has gobs of options! 💞💝💞 you sweet girl!

  2. Love your watercolour drawings they are wonderful..

  3. Haven't tried KOI but I love Peerless ( also because of Joanne Sharpe! lol )

  4. Lovely, my eyes just keep going to the middle card but they are all wonderful. And the guitar, well maybe some day we will get to see it finished LOL

  5. Water colors continue to elude me. My work never seems to come out like I'd imagined it would with the watercolors. I think it's a case of me quite simply not being patient enough to give them a solid Beautiful work Tamiko!!