Sunday, April 20, 2014

EGGzackly DecoArt NEONs ... for Easter!

Hey guys.. I originally saw this idea on old blog post years ago so I can't give credit to the original person I saw do it :(  I have since tried it a few times, but never blogged about it.. or used my neon paints.  Although Easter has come and gone.. We all use pinterest and I plan on pinning this! :)

My supplies began with DecoArt Americana Acrylic Neons..
Uh like I would try this.. while I am sick.. with any other paint?
There is also an orange and a red but these were the colors I grabbed.  I also grabbed my most fave black pens that allow me to write on all my mixed media surfaces, Sakura Identi Pen, Faber Castell Pitt pen and forever faithful DecoArt Acrylic paint pen.

Boil some eggs!  I usually got for the quick dozen and store them right back in the container from where they came!  Grab the aluminum foil too.. Yes aluminum foil..  Enough for each color of paint and double it if you have cheapy foil like I did! (big HA-HA)  Hey I use neon acrylics.. why would you be suprised to see aluminum foil?  I {heart} mixed media!  lol

I also like to keep baby wipes nearby, not just because I have a cold and it feels good on my nose!!  I also apply.. well you will see shortyl!!

Take the foil and scrunch it up.. come.. scrunch it!!

Then open it up.. and spread it out.. :) 

Then take some paint of your choosing and place it on the baby wipe and blot if all over the foil!!  Yes blot it.. BLOT IT REAL GOOD!! :)  Oh.. blot it kinda thin like though, because if you apply in areas too thickly it will make your speckles like paint rub or more like you applied it directly to the egg!

Place the egg in the foil and crinkle the foil around the egg again, open and repeat, till you have covered it enough and then place it in the carton cradled above the opening to air dry before repeating the process again, if you like.. with the next color...

I of course wanted more colors.. one color? nah not me!

See how they came out?  See how I also kinda cradled them above the egg carton slot.. Mainly so the paint wouldn't just puddle up in the bottom like they did when I use to dip and dye eggs. The air kinda gets a chance to whirl around the eggs and dry it.. rather quickly too!  Especially when the paint is thinly coated!  The colors are ALWAYS VIBRANT.. Hence my love for NEONS!!

Here are some closer shots!

I like them!  Hoping Brook does too.. Since she isn't into coloring eggs.. but she likes to see artsy things!

They need more.. I thought at first.. I would NOT go further.. but since Brook does read.. I decided to put some inspirational words on them and a message for her on a few!

I think she will like this one the most!!

Thank you for visiting & hope my pictures were helpful..
Late for Easter 2014.. on time for NEXT Year!!.. lol

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  1. I love your neon eggs, they turned out fabulous, have you tried this technique on an art journal page?