Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July's Creative Dare

This creative dare for July is to pick a Monday.. any Monday with Tracy.. create a piece, inspired by her and share it.  She also wants to know what part Mixed Media Mondays plays in our lives.. :-)  As for me.. as I learn not to not be so critical of my art.. and be more accepting of it and love it.. I too learn to be more accepting of myself.. and my choices.  My art makes me happy.  at the time I created it.  I can always see ways to improve it, but just like with many things.. some times you just have to do the best you can, then walk away.. knowing what you did was enough. Tracy Weinzapfel, she said,"  The friendships I have formed have changed me as a person as my Art tells a bigger picture......it defines me at times."    

 Old piece revisited for July's Creative Dare.. Got my grunge on with Tracy Weinzapfel.

I love coffee.. and this was one of the very few times.. I created right along with Tracy.  


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