Sunday, July 7, 2013

FIND YOUR VOICE Lesson 2: Who Are YOU? Part 1

My name is Tamiko, known by family and most of my family and friends as Meko/Miko; Meatloafia to my brothers when we were kiddos, lol.  Miss Minnie to my daddy; and Meeko and YO MAMA to my daughter Brook. :-)  I am a 41 year old gemini thats hails from Hillside, IL.  but originally from Chicago, IL.

My favorite colors are hues of purples and blues.  Believe it or not, as much as I LOVE PURPLE.. it's my POWER COLOR... :-) I don't wear it much in clothing.  I will wear it in accessories (earrings, rings, watches,charms, pens, purses, phones, shoes.. you get my drift) .  I also will choose it as a room/car/house color.. lol  Blue.. I will wear.. it's my goto to color.. especially in denim!  I also love black.. I hear it's slimming.. LOL :::pulling stomach in as I type::  I am not a big reader unless FB/TWITTER/BLOGS/AOL/COOKING and CRAFT MAGS count.. ::grinning like I got dimples to show::  if they don't.. original statement stands..  My hobbies would include anything social media; arts and crafts of every freaking kind; computers.. and to be honest.. computers started this all!! and my music- I love music.. as a matter of fact I am missing the Chosen Few Deep House Picnic.  Speaking of music.. I need to make a playlist to add to my blog.. I think that will be part of my lesson 2.. in place of something else I'm suppose to do. :-)  My favorite foods.. while they may not be the best for me in ample amounts.. dark chocolate.. and coffee would be at the head of the list!!  I could talk about the pleasure that comes from eating those.. forever!  Combine them? It's HEAVEN on EARTH!! :-)  I also enjoy a good steak.. I could never be a vegan.. I love meat.. and potatoes.. but I am learning potatoes are not my friend.. ::big overly dramatic sigh and moment of silence inserted here::: lol I love seafood as well..but nothing SLIMY in TEXTURE!!  My favorite holiday for a very long time has always been Christmas.. Especially after I had my daughter, but my dad died on Christmas.. and it's had a lil gray cloud over the day's activities for me every since.  My daughter doesn't understand or know.. So I try to enjoy the day.. despite the want to sometimes just crawl in bed and feel sad.. Anywho.. Dad wouldn't want that for his granddaughter.. so I suck it up.. and try to have a better rest of the day.. but the whole season feels a lil tainted for me and filled with sadness till I do some crafting.. or something.. for someone else. My favorite kinds of music would be deep house, disco, r&b, hip hop, carribean/reggae, jazz and  lil light country (yes... there is such a thing as light country.. its my term and I'm sticking to it!!)

My best accomplishment would be living.. :-)  I say that now with a smile.. but believe me.. for a while.. I wasn't very sure.  I received a pacemaker in September on 2012 on my mother's birthday.  No one saw this coming.  Apparently I have some genetic heart disease that went undetected for 40 years that could have been fatal. So again.. not ignoring my health and going to the doctor and choosing to live makes that one of my biggest accomplishments. The worst day I encountered was not being able to attend my father's funeral service.  I was only 50 feet away, but my daughter, who has autism.. didn't like the crowd of people gathering or their loudness.  So we forced into the dark limo early.. where I sat and held her close and thought of my dad.  I thought of a bunch of things.. but I won't go there..My longest trip my car.. was to Niagara Falls, NY.  We did the US and the Canadian side.  Liked it so much we did it two summers in a row!  By plane the longest trip was Los Angeles, CA.  Furtherst I have ever been from home is when  lived in Brooklyn, NY for a about three months. My smartest topic is not for this blog, which is rated, my mama may one day read it.. my funniest quirk.. is not liking the juices of my foods to mix on my plate.. lol   Anyway, more about me ... later...

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