Saturday, January 31, 2015

I want to be a part of the Colour Arte DT :)

The Company store and products can be found here!!

What can I say.. creating makes me VERY happy!  I absolutely LOVE color.  While I personally don't wear a lot of color.  I do LOVE to play with it! I think its the ONE thing that I am NOT afraid of in my art. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite color was.. I would say NEON, the brighter the better!! ::chuckle:: and probably narrow it down to a tanzanite or plum.  While both may be a shade of purple, they are very distinctly different!  Let NO ONE tell you otherwise! (smiles & laughs)

Anywhooo.. I am here today because I would like to be a part of Colour Arte Design Team and here is my project! Mixed Media Tags:  On the Left we have- Create Imagine Make Believe; On the right- Remember You Are Loved


 I cut a few hearts out an old pizza box.  I figured I could do it free hand.  Would look more MEKOish if I did.  I pulled pack the first layer or paper to expose the corrugated texture then I rubbed some gesso on it and let it dry as I prepped my tags.

I waited for the gesso to dry, I opened my pots of H2Os.. and grabbed whatever colors spoke to me at the time..No real reason or plan besides making a tag with a heart on it.  You should mist the pots and let them sit about 2-3 minutes so that water seeps into and all that colorful goodness!


 As the pots started to get a moistened and pasty, I just brushed color on the hearts.  Gesso may not have been the way to go.. but the H2Os are transparent, so I should have expected more white to show through.  I didn't use my paints so it wasn't really needed after all. On the left is a picture of some hearts I decided to color, just because I like to color hearts.  ::tilts head:: (laughs)  Don't my paints looked loved?  Took lots of use to get them that way.. Got to love them!

While these were drying I decided to go and work on my tags.  I had one large tag Prima doll tag and I had a smaller tag I received in Happy Mail that I knew I wanted to use. That tag had been hit with the #heatgun and embossed with some clear embossing power.  As you see in the next picture.. it creates a resist against the H2Os.. Cooooll Right? I think so!! (smiles) 

I saturated the tag in about 3 colors,.  
Don't they just look gorgeous! Blue Zircon, Pumpkin, and wild plum.  Then I worked on the other tag because I knew I had at wanted to make another one with a different technique. I painted the second card, but I got it extra juicy.  I wanted to add one more step to it before it began to dry.

So with my second tag.. I threw some rock salt on it.  I love how that turns out in the end.  Because not to drop any on the floor especially if you walk around with NO SHOES.. LIKE I DID! ::sigh::  Anyway, (smiles) here is a picture of that tag with salt on it!

I then decided, what they hey.. and tossed some on the embossed tag too!!
After I brushed the salt off I decided I wanted some color back on the second tag.  So I dropped some Deco Art Media Line Fluid Acrylic in my DA Molding Paste and stenciled a few spots.
While that was drying I decided I would hand write my quotes to go on my tags and I wanted to use some faces my daughter got from a dear friend of ours. (smiles.. HI VON) I painted the faces and did a quick wash on water color paper that i planned to cut up for my words.

After adhering my bits to my tag with my favorite Helmar Super Tac Glue. I finally added some scraps of ribbon and I felt like I was done.. :)  

My finished tags came out like this.. :)  I was pretty pleased with them.. Here they are once again!


I hope if you haven't given H2Os or other Colour Arte products a try that you will!
They not only provide you with QUALITY COLOR, but also AWESOME shimmer!  Grab a few and a brush and some water and give it go!! Have a GREAT WEEK!! ::waves::


  1. looks like your had fun with this post, thanks for using ColourArte products in your post today

  2. I just LOVE the shimmer and shine on these tags, they are gorgeous!!

  3. Love these tags they are very pretty and shinny, They are just beautiful.

  4. Love these Tamiko. Absolutely love the one with the face, it just shimmers so much!

  5. Color Arte would be so lucky to have you on their design team, Tamiko!! I love these tags - lovely colours and creative techniques. I adore seeing that clay face used - its a brilliant option to perk up your tag! Well done m'lady !! <3 <3

  6. Fabulous set of tags. So much going on. TFS

  7. Beautiful!!! Check out that yummy shimmer on those tags. Awesome work and they'd be very blessed to have you on their team. :) <3