Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 58- #90daysofblogging

Sometimes I just want ONE pancake, no really, one pancake.  Today I was greedy and made three and now my tummy hurts.  Hurts like heck.  Guess I shoulda stuck with one pancake.  It wasn't like I had bacon or sausage, so I thought I could eat more, NOT.  This is not my normal art chat ::yeah I know:: it is a post and it's done early! Woot Woot.  Thinking I will need a glass of milk to make sure that these pancakes move, they feel like bricks right now.  Uhgg! I have mail to get out and a blog post due  Sunday for Wednesday, July 1st.  Ok.. wish me luck!!


  1. Sometimes, those pancakes can do you in. I remember the time when I could eat an endless number of pancakes. Alas, that time has come and gone.

  2. LOL I for one can not make the perfect pancake. I remember a time I hated them and now....I love them, but they sure don't like me....You are doing awesome on your 90 days. Me.....not so much. :(