Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 42- #90daysofblogging

Just posting a few faces after following a few small steps in Jane Davenport's book, Beautiful faces.  So far the first chapter was all the supplies she loves to use and being a art supply junky.  I like Jane, I hear voice when I read her book..(literally)  The persona that we get from her free videos on YouTube and interviews we have seen her in, shine throughout the pages.  It's so funny, as I read her book and I find myself rereading the lines saying, that was not dramatic enough.. put more emphasis here.  Yet when she requested that we SMILE when we draw.. I couldn't bring myself to do that, probably my faces look so serious here.  my sketches of faces can take me a few as 90 seconds without adding color or details.  Her faces make me take a whole five to seven minutes, yikes.  I drew small and will try bigger as I get more confident.  My faces don't look as fairy/nymph like as hers, because they are MY FACES.  I only plan to take the portion of her teachings that I feel add value to mine.  Did I say I like my faces?  They aren't perfect and that's fine by me..  I need more help with coloring/painting etc.  Ok.. enough for this post.. :)


  1. like faces they are so much fun I have to check out Jane Davenport books.

  2. SMILE when you are drawing! AND maybe make some little fairy wings that you can pin to the back of your shirt, to be more fairy like....ya